Dashed: Part 2

Part 1:

Dashed: Part 2

Everyone gathered at Twilight’s house. Applejack had already briefed them on what was going on. By the time they were all together and packing to go, it was late afternoon, just a couple hours before the sun would set. Not that it mattered, the Everfree Forest was always dark, day or night. Rarity had brought saddlebags for them to carry all the supplies in. Last time they had all gone to the Everfree Forest, there had been one more member in their party. Each of them was anxious. Twilight was busy gathering last minute information from her books, grabbing extra things she thought she might need. Pinkie Pie was jumping around, but not in anticipation this time. Applejack was trying to make sure that everypony’s saddlebags were packed accordingly to what everypony could carry, but that was hard with Twilight adding things last minute. Fluttershy just stood in a corner, watching everyone in their chaotic preparations.

“Okay.” Twilight finally said. “Is everypony ready?”

Everypony nodded in agreement, and Twilight moved past them to lead the way out the door.

* * *

They paused before heading into the Everfree Forest, each taking a deep breath. There were untold dangers and uncharted territory in the forest. But they had to face it. For Rainbow Dash.

“Now, I’ve made a rough map of the Everfree Forest.” Twilight said, pulling a map out of one of her saddlebags and using magic to make it float in front of her. “Zecora’s house is at the top, because we haven’t explored much beyond that, so we don’t know where the forest goes from their. I’ve used measurements to predict where Rainbow Dash would have landed, according to where the younger ponies saw her enter the forest. Calculating her velocity and trajectory––”

“Uh, Twi? I think we all trust you to lead us in the right direction.” Applejack interjected. None of them knew what Twilight was talking about, but they all knew that Twilight knew what Twilight was talking about.”

“Right.” Twilight said sheepishly, rolling the map back up and slipping it back into place. “We need to head northwest, firstly. If we don't––” she paused, careful to choose the right words. “If we don’t find any sign of Rainbow Dash there, we’ll try Zecora’s. Everypony nodded once in agreement, and followed Twilight.

When they reached the sight Twilight had marked on the map, they spread out to search. All they found were a few blue feathers, which Twilight suggested could have come from birds instead. But everyone knew that they were Dash’s feathers. No pony wanted to say what was on everyone’s mind. Dash had been here. Those were her feathers. Panic was rising in all of them, fear….that something had gotten Rainbow Dash.

So my sister was looking over my shoulder while I was trying to write...

Sister: “‘A party?’”

Me: “Just–go get away!”

*She moves away.*

Sister: (Repeating what she read) “'I don’t follow Twilight.’ Why are you writing about Twilight?”

Me: “I’m not! It’s the name of a character!”

Sister: “Why did you name a character Twilight”

Me: “I didn’t! It’s–it’s fanfiction!”

This happened just now while I was trying to write MLP fanfiction.
Dashed: Part 1

So…I wrote some Fanfiction. More to come!

Dashed: Part 1

“Twilight!” Applejack burst through the library door without knocking. Twilight Sparkle looked up, surprised, and Spike knocked into a bookshelf, causing its contents to fall onto his head. Applejack paused and took a deep breath to calm herself. “Apple Bloom says she saw Rainbow Dash fly into the Everfree Forest some time ago, but she ain’t come out yet. Tell her Apple Bloom.”

Behind Applejack were the three Cute Mark Crusaders, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo. Apple Bloom nodded, and stepped forward looking uneasy.

“Well, us Cute Mark Crusaders were just passin’ through town, as usual, looking for things we could do to help us get out Cute Marks. We saw Rainbow Dash––”

Scootaloo pushed past Applejack and interrupted. “––and she was flying around like she usually does, zooooommmm, and she went way up high, and then she dove down right into the Everfree Forest!”

Sweetie Bell moved forward next to her two friends. “We waited for her to fly out again, but she never did.”

“Alright, let’s be logical about this.” Twilight said, in her matter-of-fact voice. “You’re sure she never came out of the forest again?” She looked skeptically down at the three.

“Mmhmm.” Apple Bloom nodded her head furiously. “Rainbow Dash always leaves a rainbow-y streak across the sky when she flies. We woulda seen it!”

“That is true.” Twilight said thoughtfully. “What if Rainbow Dash is just playing a prank of some sort?” Not a very good one. she thought.

“Well, I already thought o’ that, Twilight. But Dash didn’ know the girls were watching her.” Applejack shot down Twilight’s second theory. “Darnflabbit Twilight, we’re wastin’ time!” she said, stamping a hoof. “What if Dash is hurt? You know how reckless she is!”

“You may be right. You get the others, and I’ll gather supplies.” Twilight said, with an edge in her voice.

“Sure thing Twilight!” Applejack started to run out the door when she remembered the Crusaders. “You girls go home. Ya can all stay at mah place with Apple Bloom if'n ya like. But don’t say nothin’ to anypony about Dash bein’ missin’, ya hear?”

“O-Okay Applejack.” Apple Bloom replied. The Crusaders had already been to the Everfree Forest once, and knew what a dangerous and scary place it was. Once was enough for them…for now.

Applejack ran out the door to alert the rest of her friends. No use arousing everypony about Rainbow Dash, just in case this does all turn out to be a prank. But deep down, Applejack feared the worst.