Thanks so much to whomever got the outfit and wig for Rainbow Dash off my wishlist ❤️💛💜💙💚 you’re seriously the best! #cosplay #wishlist #amazonwishlist #amazon #ponies #mlp #mylittlepony #rainbowdash #usa #usatamecosplay #usatame #bunny #pony

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Here’s the next one in the pack, Twilight Sparkle in her hoplite (Roman Armor) costume!

The art pack will include the Mane 6 + CMC in their Nightmare Night costumes, and dark personas of the Mane 6! Plus sketches, WIPs, and NSFW versions of some of the drawings! The art pack will be released on October 31. However, if you support me on Patreon, you get the full pics IMMEDIATELY!

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#DJPon3 was one of my big pieces from #2015. Last year I created three extravagant pieces, this year, there is already twice more! More big news unveiling soon on my YouTube channel! #cosplaying #cosplay #costume #cosplays #cosplaygirl #cosplaylife #teamireland #irelandreidcosplay #irelandreid #ireland #mlp #mylittlepony #Vinyl

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Was Rarity going to have a fashion show in Camp Everfree? Well, Sunset Shimmer is ready for anything fashion-forward~! ^w^

Presenting her light teal cocktail dress for the opening night; sequenced with sapphire gemstones, and stitched with a sleek, bluish-gradient train for some added drama on the lower figure. Accessories are tailored specifically for her personal use, and no one in the mane six wears thin high heels like she does!

She’s definitely rocking her photoshoot! =3