Being able to mimic different living things is very advantageous in nature. It can help a species hide from predators or sneak up on prey. However, most species look like something by virtue of being born as part of that species. The stick bug doesn’t choose to look like a twig, it’s just that natural selection favored that look for its ancestors and the ones that looked most like twigs died less. Some species like the octopus are able to change their shape, color, and texture, and are able to squeeze and expand themselves into to fit into small crevices, but even they aren’t able to disguise themselves as objects.

Not much is known about the Mimic from the upcoming Prey game, but I do hope they have some sort of alien biology lore for us to read about. 

I have a colorful #throwbackthursday this week! 🌈✨ This painting was a total homage to one of my first cartoon obsessions! 📺 My Little Ponies! 🐎❤ I adored these ponies and had a huge collection of them growing up. 😁 I even had the pony bubble bath that was a cloud with a rainbow, omg it was amazing. ☁🌈🛀This painting used up a lot of paints and I think I used about 30 different colors to make up her rainbow hair. 🎨💁 Totally worth it though.😜 I would give up all the paint in the world if I could go back for one day to play with my pony toys as a kid. 🤓