Name: Rose
Full name: Rose Flowers
Sex: Female 
Species: Pegasus
Sexuality: Pansexual


Rose doesn’t show much emotion, she rather shows her emotions through actions rather then her face. She rarely talks to anyone despite being extroverted. She can be a little slutty at times which can annoy her friend Emerald sometimes and may even flirt with not just her but with other stallions.


Rose Flowers was born in Cloudsdale and was raised mostly by her mother since she could earn enough money for herself. Her father was an explorer who valued nature in the woods below where they live, sadly he was eaten by a timberwolf before Rose was born. Rose was pretty much your average school mare in school, plus the few times she blew his boyfriend outside the school grounds when they’re were supposed to be in class. Ok, she was a little bit of a troublemaker. After she left school, she wanted to explore the what was below Cloudsdale to see earth ponies, unicorns, and other nature since she spent all her life so far in Cloudsdale. Her mother refused to let her go down to the ground until she was an adult because of her father’s saddening death, she usually did all the shopping as you can imagine. One day, Rose and her mother went down to PonyVille for a bit of shopping but Rose ran off to look at the flowers. She was in awe for how beautiful they looked. She took some home to decorate her home and that’s how she got her cutiemark. Mother forgot to get some fairy cakes for snacks so Rose went down to the closest bakery she saw. Turned out to be Emerald’s bakery. She got the fairy cakes after a bit of gossip until Emerald mentioned her insomnia for working all the time, devoting her life into her shop. The 2 mares agreed that both will take shifts and became the best of friends.

I have a colorful #throwbackthursday this week! 🌈✨ This painting was a total homage to one of my first cartoon obsessions! 📺 My Little Ponies! 🐎❤ I adored these ponies and had a huge collection of them growing up. 😁 I even had the pony bubble bath that was a cloud with a rainbow, omg it was amazing. ☁🌈🛀This painting used up a lot of paints and I think I used about 30 different colors to make up her rainbow hair. 🎨💁 Totally worth it though.😜 I would give up all the paint in the world if I could go back for one day to play with my pony toys as a kid. 🤓

Test drawing some of my adopted ponies~ This one I was really excited to get my hands on because she was just so simply perfect in my head. I’m so glad she transitioned well to my style too, I even gave her lil ears feathered tuffs!

I have a good idea we’ll match Briar here up with Blue Moon’s crew, these two can be bestie model friends who started in the biz together. Gosh I’d kill to see pinups of these two together! Notes for AJ….