Typical Cat-things :3
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{ OOC } @Hime/VK

Tumblr is a buttmunch and keeps eating all my messages! I’m gonna send multiple messages and hopefully it will get through. But I was wondering if you’d be interested in a plot or two where Rex, being the gullible doof that he is and not knowing much about VK, helps him out with something or the other, like stealing stuff from Providence, et cetera?

Also, Missy said she was going to reply to that thread you posted a few days ago :>


We only do it once a day sooooo……not technically spamming.

But seriously guys, you should join Generator Reset! We really want to find a Holiday and a Six now, ideally, but it’d also maybe be cool to find Tuk and Skwydd and miscellaneous people from Providence or The Pack!

P.S. to our Van Kleiss who I hope sees this: We aren’t sure how to get in contact with you for plotting! Your askboxes are not open on your IC or personal blogs so we were wondering if you have an e-mail or IM or if you want to tinychat, or if we can contact you some other way?