Being a Niall girl was honestly the best decision ever. All he does on Twitter is talk about sleeping, food, or football, call us crazy mofos, and post selfies. The only girl drama he has is being a thirsty little horndog and then getting friendzoned. He doesn’t have any tattoos that make me cringe with secondhand embarrassment. Niall going out usually ends up in drunk white girl poses, not crazy pap drama. Being a Niall girl is virtually drama free. Of course there’s the occasional thing, but overall we just get to laugh at what we understand of his tweets, reblog his selfies and tank top pictures, and write about Niall doing unspeakable things to us. (Everyone knows Niall girls are the thirstiest) Being a Niall girl is glorious and I would never change it for anything.

Niall would be such a good boyfriend. Sure he may not be that romantic and he would probably embarrass the shit out of you whenever you went anywhere. But look at how he is with the boys. He’s so loyal. He goes to all Louis’ football games, and all of their birthday parties. If one of the boys has an event that’s even semi-important he’s there. The same would go for his girlfriend and probably even more so.