Book Question Tag

Thank you to foreverbookish for tagging me. 

The rules are: 

1. Answer the questions from the person who tagged you 

2. Make 11 new questions

3. Tag 11 people

My answers

1. What was the book you just finished? Did you like it? The last book I finished was The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan. I really enjoyed it! :) 

2. What’s your shortest read? My shortest read would have to be one of the Saga Volumes. 

3. What’s your longest read? My longest read is Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling. 

4. Where do you mostly buy your books? I mostly buy my book from my local Cole’s Bookstore or otherwise known as Chapters

5. How many classics do you own? I do not own any I’ve read plenty just didn’t like them enough to get my own copy 

6. Whats your favorite genre to read? My favorite genre to read would have to be dystopian and contemporary. Can’t choose. 

7. What book is your most recent purchase?  Tumble & Fall by Alexandra Coutts

8. Do you believe in book buying bans? Do they work for you? I don’t personally think that they work, but I’ve never tried them before don’t really have the money often enough to have to limit myself. 

9. What book is your favorite to take pictures of? My old hardcovers and new boxset of Harry Potter. 

10. What was the worst book you’ve ever read? *Don’t Hate* Anya’s Ghost (This is just from books i own if i don’t own them and don’t like them is honestly forget about them) 

11. All time favorite book? Harry Potter. Is that even a question lol. Halfblood Prince to be exact. 

My Questions:

1. What is one book you will always reread?

2. How many books are on your TBR pile?

3. Who is your favorite character? 

4. What authors do you auto buy their books?

5. What is your least favorite genre?

6. What is your favorite book cover?

7. What book would you burn to keep warm?

8. What book would you save first in case of a emergency?

9. Do you like series, trilogies, or stand alones best?

10. If you could combine two books/ series what would they be?

11. Favorite fictional boyfriend do you like the most?

Tagging: Its okay if you don’t do these just needed 11 people to tag!

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My Summer Book Haul!! 

Summer does officially end for me till September 9th but I know for sure that I wont be getting anymore books between now and then. 

Books are in the order from when I get them:

  1. 99 Days ~ Katie Cotugno
  2. #Scandal ~ Sarah Ockler
  3. The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy ~ Jenny Han
  4. The Grisha Trilogy ~ Leigh Bardugo
  5. The Queen of the Tearling ~ Erika Johansen
  6. The Invasion of the Tearling ~ Erika Johansen
  7. Throne of Glass ~ Sarah J. Maas
  8. The Knife of Never Letting Go ~ Patrick Ness 
  9. Thirst #5 ~ Christopher Pike
  10. The Assassins Blade ~ Sarah J. Maas
  11. Crown of Midnight ~ Sarah J. Maas

I am proud to say that 1, I didn’t buy that many books this summer, and 2, that out of these 15 books I have already read 5 of them including a lot more other ones in between! 

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Five OTPs

Thank you to foreverbookish​ for tagging me to do this… five months ago.. 

Welp here it is! (Not going to tag anyone, but if you see this and haven’t done it yet consider yourself tagged!)

Choose five of your OTPs (any series) without looking at the questions, Then answer the questions with corresponding ship and tag 10 people. (These are not my top 5 OTPs trying to find them at 3 in the morning would be to much these are just the first ones to come to mind.)

My Five OTPs: 

  1. Hermione and Ron ~ Harry Potter (my 7 year old heart is still stuck on these two)
  2. Haley and Nathan ~ One Tree Hill (not a book series but whatever
  3. Cath and Levi ~ Fangirl
  4. Tessa and Will ~ The Infernal Devices
  5. Clary and Jace ~ The Mortal Instuments 

1. Do you remember the episode/ chapter you started liking 5? I can remember liking Jace from the very beginning but the first time I read City of Bones I wasn’t really sure if I liked Clary as a character match for Jace. I just thought that she wouldn’t be able to handle a lot of things but boy was 8 year old Miranda wrong! haha Now I completely love them! 

2. Have you read fanfiction about 2? Hell yes! 9 seasons was just not enough of my needs for Naley! hahah 

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your icon/ background? No. My icon is mostly always me, or pictures of my books. 

4. If 3 was to suddenly break up, what would be your reaction? cry,cry, and cry some more. Then I would find where Rainbow’s house is and pay her to rewrite it!

5. Why is 1 so important? Is this even a question!?! uh duh, because it’s freaking Hermione and Ron thats why. This series got me into loving books and loving love. 

6. Is 4 a serious ship or a funny ship? Serious, but has some funny moments.

7. Out of all the ships which has the most chemistry? Naley

8. Out of all the ships, which has the strongest bond? Tess and Will

9. How many times have you read/ watched 2′s series? Well its a 9 season series and i have watched it all the way through about 11 times and that doesnt include watching a season by itself because i see a gif or post about one episode from that season and have to was the whole season. And Nope I am not ashamed!!

10. Which ship has lasted the longest? Tess and Will

11. How many times, if ever, have 5 broken up? 2 or 3 i believe.. not 100% sure I try to block those parts out! haha

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse which ship would make it out alive? Tie between Jace and Clary, & Tessa and Will because they have both basically lived through one.

13. Did 4 have to hide their relationship for any reason? Not completely but one had to hind their feelings.. 

14. Is 5 still together? YES!

15. Is 1 canon? HELL YEA

16. If all five ships were put into a couples hunger games, which couple do you think would win? Jace and Clary

17. Has anyone tried to sabotage 5′s relationship? Yea.. Fucking Valentine

18. Which ship do you defend to death and beyond? ALL OF THEM! Don’t mess with my babies. 

19. Have you ever spend hours a day going through 3′s tumblr page? Yup no self control what so ever

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you, you had to pick one of the ships to break up for good, which would sink? I’d kill the bitch, reread answer for 18.

a couple of months ago my laptop just completely stopped working. I knew that it was going to happen sooner than later so I started saving money for a mac book. And at this moment I am so incredibly happy and proud of myself for sticking to it! Today I got my Mac Book Pro 15 inch. It is amazing and I could not be anymore excited.

I got a crazy deal too! Me and my best friend, Tyler, when into the local bestbuy as he was looking for a new computer as well so i decided to look too. I was originally going to get the 13 inch macbook air best the price was considerably lower. As i got talking with the worker he told me that they had the 15 inch pro on the back and would give me a deal because it was a demo and they needed to get rid of it.

Nobody is probably reading this anymore but what ended up happening is that i got the MacBook Pro 15 inch for $1299 instead of the original price of $2500. It was a deal i could not pass up! I was a little sceptical about the condition of it, with it being a demo for the store but it is like brand new! Even came in the original packaging!