I’m coming back to the heart of worship. And it’s all about you, it’s all about You, Jesus

No matter how busy I’ve been with my own life God has always been there to welcome me back into his undying love. This past week made me realize again how comfortable I really am at church. I can fully express myself to God using my own talents in dance. There’s no better feeling than to do what I love in front of my family, friends, and Holy Spirit. Whenever I’ve been on hiatus from church I’ve always found the main reason I started being active. God is always there. No matter how difficult life can become at times remember that God wouldn’t put you through something that he knows you cannot handle. I just thank God for giving me the opportunity to establish lasting friendships and bonds from what I can honestly call my second home.

You can't trust anything on the internet

Just like all you anons telling me bullshit. If I’ve learned anything from doing research papers; that is to not trust shit on the internet. Reliability lies in the primary source instead. So sit back and witness all the fucks I give about your opinion.


..and my dad. I don’t understand how my dad has the audacity to cheat on my mom and then still ask for money, da fuck? You cheated on my mom years ago and yet you still ask for money from us to send to you in the Philippines. My mom constantly sending money over just for you to stay in my life so she wouldn’t go around being a widow. I wish I could have a father figure reasonable enough for me to be proud of, but no. I hate it when my mom compares me to him, hate that shit. “You’re a liar, like your dad” Sure I lie, see I’m not lying about that, and who doesn’t lie? Fuck, when I’m a dad, I’ll always be there for my son/daughter. No matter what. Supporting them through life and being the father my dad never was. From birth to death I’ll teach them how to dance, live life, and to avoid assholes like my dad. “I only love your dad, because he helped create you” -MOM .

I want out of Socal

I love the constant sunshine and all but…

here in the city of walnut/westco

  • same routine everyday
  • no night life
  • no big adventures
  • -_____-

I love my 626 and all but dammit, SO BOOOOOREEED.

I’m really considering out-of-state universities over UC’s now.

..althought ucla and sd are still my top two options X]

It took recent events to finally spark my interest in what is actually happening in our world today. For once in my life, I’m actually concerned more with what’s wrong in our society than what’s wrong in my life. I noticed my little problems dealing with relationships or just simple everyday routines, is nothing compared to the problems people in other nations are dealing with. The civil war crisis in Libya and the recent earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan have actually sparked a fire in my heart to notice the big picture. Our nation of the U.S. is more concerned with celebrity gossip than global crisis? IDK, but I guess you can say I’m getting mature. I would say it’s because I’m starting to believe there is something greater that I can do for this society and I’m becoming aware of it.