Me and Dan have been together for two and half years today. I know people only really care about years, not half years, but I thought I’d just post some photos of us. The first photo is the first photo of us together, and the second was taken exactly two years ago today on our six months when we went to see Paramore in Birmingham. The third photo is from our first holiday abroad together in Lanzarote.
But yeah, I know it’s meant to be an annual thing, not a 6 month thing, but I don’t post stuff like this about Dan because it’s cheesy and makes me awkward but I thought I’d try a little because I’m crazy about him. Ha, awkward already. We’ve been together for a while now and I’m not one of those people that goes around saying we’re gonna get married and be together forever, but I would say that I love him, that I’m extremely grateful for what we have and that I wouldn’t want our relationship or him any other way.