Thor is pretty high strung but I’m a little bit more…Loki 😉

I’m about to get this tattooed (spiral would be less wobbly) and I need your input! I’m not sure if I should go with or without the spiral. I incorporate the little sprout into a lot of my artwork, and to me it is a reminder to stay humble and grateful. A reminder that I am always growing, learning, expanding. I incorporated the spiral to represent the path of life. It’s all a circle but there’s something new around every corner. I had an idea to get a spiral on my shoulder but now I’m considering this too!! I dunno I’m bad at decisions, I like both ideas.


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…okay I know that’s not 20 people I can count I just– I get nervous tagging people. Other people can do this!!! And people I do tag you don’t have to do this sorry for tagging you >.

For 3.5 years I worked as a manager at an interior design firm in NYC. I loved the people that I worked with and it was a great job, but at the end of the day, I’m not an interior designer, I wasn’t passionate about it.


Aside from my passion for health & fitness, I have always had a huge passion for acting, dance, and musical theater. A passion I gave up while I had my job in the city and a long commute. I couldn’t go to auditions, I had my job 9-6.


Now that I was able to quit my job and be a full time coach (which I don’t even consider work because I love it so much), I can work from anywhere and on MY schedule. So now I’m going to my first audition appointment in over 4 years. FOUR years!!!


I can’t even describe in words what it feels like to feel this fulfilled. To wake up with purpose and live with passion. To be able to respond to emails from my incredible coaches while on the train and then I get to go sing and do something else I so truly love. THIS is living your life by design and not by default.

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My eyelids are gonna be stained blue tomorrow but it was so worth it.

I had an interview at an almost completely vegan restaurant called Fresh in toronto yesterday!! everyone pray for me that I get the job please and thank you 

I applied for the prep cook position which is basically just chopping fruits and vegetables and making sauces and dressings! the hours are 6am-2pm and starting wage is like $12.75 an hour and I would get health benefits and free food while I’m working there and 70% off all juices like IT WOULD BE MY DREAM COME TRUE TO WORK THERE omg but she was also interviewing soooo many other people :(

no one cares prob but I feel like I haven’t made a text post on here in ages so yeah okay I hope everyone had a good day <3 


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