Wore the comfiest outfit in the world but still felt pretty cute ! Also my book subscription came in and I got two new books.. I read the one on the left all last night and I read the one on the right in middle school soooo I have a whole entire month until my next a books come :( also our homecoming parade was today so sleeping a full belly of mini twizzlers and snickers😄😄also had the job interview but I couldn’t stop uhh-ing and umm-Ming so not feeling too hot about it

Bold what applies to you

. I hate my hair color
. I have dyed my hair more than once
. I prefer winter over summer
. I like school
. I like country music
. I enjoy smoothies
. Im addicted to a TV series
. Im anti social
. Im currently single
. I sleep with the TV on
. I prefer to write than to read
. I like being face to face
. I listen to the radio
. have freckles
. I wear makeup
. Im an only child
. I know more than one language
. Im not from the country I live in
. Im in high school
. Ive been in a fight and won
. Reptiles scare me
. I like parties
. I hate metal
. I love metal
. I have a dimple
. I like Facebook
. I hate Facebook
. Ive had/have braces
. Ive watched an episode of The Walking Dead before
. I have a fear of heights
. I have a scar
. My hair is frizzy
. My hair is really straight
. I sleep with a stuffed animal
. I play an instrument
. I have a Netflix
. I don’t like McDonald’s
. I have candles in my room
. Ive published a Youtube video
. I smoke
. I wear a lot of black clothing
. I play a sport
. Ive been listening to music while taking this
. Im only taking this cause im bored



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