THG Meme|Your favorite game: The second Quarter Quell
In the 50th Hunger Games, four tributes were chosen from each district instead of the usual two to remind the rebels that for each Capitol citizen killed, two rebels died. This put twice as many people in the arena, and made it twice as brutal. Haymitch Abernathy won in the second Quarter Quell after using the arena's force field as a weapon


Meme: Effie re-watching the Second Quarter Quell
Effie stared at the television with a skeptical look,this was how he look like when he was 16? She blinked sometimes before pause the screen to look better,his gray Seam eyes bright and dangerous hypnotizing her.
“Wow” was all she could say before press the play button

“Real life is a funny thing, you know. In real life, saying the right thing at the right moment is beyond crucial. So crucial, in fact, that most of us start to hesitate, for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. But lately what I’ve begun to fear more that that is letting the moment pass without saying anything. I think most of us fear reaching the end of our life, and looking back, regretting the moments we didn’t speak up. When we didn’t say “I love you.” When we should’ve said “I’m Sorry.” When we didn’t stand up for ourselves or some one who needed help.”