مواصفات مؤكدة للهاتف إل جي جي 4

مواصفات مؤكدة للهاتف إل جي جي 4

جوالك دوت كوم – أخبار الهواتف

خلال الساعات الماضية رصد فريق MyLg قدوم الهاتف الذكي إل جي جي 4 للإتصالات الأمريكية AT&T حيث تأكدت العديد من مواصفاته و تفاصيله

و من المواصفات التي أصبح من المؤكد أن إل جي جي 4 سيأتي بها نجد شاشة بحجم 5.5 إنش و بدقة 1440 في 2560 بيكسل مع معالج من نوع Snapdragon 810 مبني على معمارية 64 بت و ذاكرة عشوائية بحجم 3 جيجا بايت .

الجهاز أيضا مزود بكاميرا خلفية بدقة 16 ميغا…

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Close Watch, part 7 >> “Nothing… It’s just that I consider myself an extremely perceptive person–which is extremely useful for business arrangements and whatnot. I’m a businesswoman, you see.” Kenzi shrugged and waved her hand dismissively. “But I digress. I’m just saying it’s obvious you want Hotpants to give you an anatomy lesson. You want to Bangsen her burner. You want to be the homoerotic Kirk to her blonde Spock.” She smirked. “If you catch my drift.”

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Copdoc AU, part 3 >> Before Lauren opened her mouth again to speak, a tall brunette walked up to the bar between them.

“Hey, babe. I need your help with–” The woman cut herself off, realizing that she had walked in on the middle of a conversation. “Oh. Hey.” She offered an awkward wave in Tamsin’s direction. 

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bo & lauren || impossible


Copdoc AU, part 2 >> After the final blow from Tamsin, Dyson felt the unmistakable warmth of blood secreting from his nose, followed quickly by a strong metallic taste as the thick fluid reached his upper lip.

“No,” he answered the obviously rhetorical question before wiping the back of his hand sloppily against his face. He looked down briefly at the smeared blood on his hand, and then back up at Tamsin. “Who are you?" 

With a smirk, Tamsin turned on her heels and walked to the edge of the boxing ring. She breathed in deeply, pausing for a moment and inhaling the pungent smell of dirt and sweat.

"I’ll see you at the cop shop,” she called over her shoulder. “You might want to put some ice on that nose of yours. Swelling’s a bitch.” (x)

Anointed Ones after Sunday Service
Textile Centre
9 March 2014
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