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I’ve always dealt with the jokes about my looks, I’m 21 years old and my friends say I look like a 16 year old. They say it’s because of the way I look, so help me god for having a baby face.

“You stay looking in the mirror.” Derek walks into our room to find me picking at my flaws in the mirror.

“Just trying to figure out what I can do to change my looks.” I’ve always kept it one hundred with Derek.

“You don’t need to change shit.” He looks at me through the mirror with unblinking eye contact. “Stop trying to find something wrong with you?” I can tell in his voice that this annoyed him, me not loving myself annoyed him.

“I’m just sick of being made fun off, I’m sick of being so innocent looking.” I slapped my hands on my thighs. Derek turns me around roughly.

“Baby you are far from innocent.” He smirks at me and gave me a panty dropping wink.

I gave in to his playfulness and laughed. “You know what I mean though.” I frowned while my fingers toyed with his gold chain around his neck.

“I don’t because when I look at you I see sexiness Y/N” he takes my chin in his palm, his eyes are telling me to stop picking at myself.

“What do you see in me? I’m the type that someone like you would go for.” I shake my head out his palm and sat down on the bed.

With low confidence I always wondered why Derek is with me. Derek is a rapper with tats and grills, and he’s with someone like me.

“You really gonna have me get down on my knees baby?” As he speaks Derek drops down on his knees with his hand on my knees.

He maintained eye contact with me, his eyes reading mines. “You’re different Y/N, you’re not like every other girl out here thirsting for attention.” He pauses to kiss my lips, “you are ver independent and you don’t need any man..not even me. I don’t deserve someone as great as you baby, you take care of me and your always here to make me smile.”

All this is too much for me, my eyes are watering. “Derek.” I sniffles a few tears away. I cup his face in my hand and kiss his lips.

“I love you.” I whispered against his lips. “You gotta accept yourself for you are” he whispers back to me. “You gotta know your worth Y/N.”

“It’s hard sometimes when your constantly comparing yourself to other females.” When we would go out out I would like at girls that I know Derek would love. I would constantly try to change myself base on what I would see.

“You shouldn’t though.” He says to me and wipes my tears away. “You’re all I need and all I want.” I latch onto him, embracing him strongly.

“I can’t help it Derek.” I clung onto him and held me tightly in his arms. “We can get through this together.” He whispers to me.

“We’ll get through all this together.”

Moved on -Cameron & Myles Imagine

Can you make an imagine where cam breaks up with you for someone else and you start dating someone else *cough* Myles Parrish *cough* and he gets really jealous and wants you back but you say no and stay with Myles ? Please and thank you!(:

“Okay babe, I’ll go order and you stay here okay?” Myles told you and kissed you on your cheek before leaving the booth to get your orders.

You smiled after your sweet boyfriend left you. You had begun to love Myles very much. You were so shocked when he first asked you out.

You remembered how you were so broken after Cameron had left you. You were miserable for months. He had left you for another girl.

Myles was your knight in shining armour. He saved you from your bad days and made them better. Ever since you met him, you couldn’t remember a day where you hadn’t laughed.

You didn’t need Cameron, in fact you hadden seen him in a month-

Your thoughts were cut off as a voice spoke up, “(y/n)? Baby, oh god I can’t believe it’s you.”

You would recognize that voice anywhere, of course it was Cameron mother effing Dallas.

“I am not your baby.” you scowled, turning around to see those chocolate orbs you once fell in love with.

“But please (y/n), baby, listen to me, I made a mistake” he said.

“No she she made a mistake, and that was falling in love with you and having you break her heart. So leave my girl out of this.” Myles said coming up to your booth.

“What the hell? Who are you?” Cameron asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Her boyfriend” he replied with gritted teeth.

“Myles, baby calm down. Let me just talk with him, okay?” you asked speaking softly to him.

His eyes softened a bit, “Fine but I won’t hesitate to hurt him if he tries anything” he promised and then moved away a bit to give you space.

You stood up, facing Cameron. “Okay what the hell do you want?” you asked with raised eyebrows.

“I just want you back, I made the worst mistake of my life and that was losing you to another girl, please just come back with me.” he said, his eyes filling with tears. Your heart softened a bit at this.

You took a deep breath and replied. “Look Cameron, a part of me will always love you. But  I have moved on and I’m really happy with Myles. He makes me a better person and I truly love him. So please do me a favor and don’t ruin my life for me. I will always want you to be my friend. Text me any time when you’re ready.”

You gave him a quick hug then took Myles’ hand and went to take your orders before leaving the place.

“I can’t believe you chose me over him” Myles said quietly after a bit of silence.

You stopped walking and hugged him tightly. “He was my past but you’re my future.” And to seal the deal you kissed him on the lips.


Snapchat AU: You’re a famous singer/actress/model who’s dating Myles Parrish. You love to post pics/vids of your relationship in Snapchat (Part 3)

This is technically pt 3 considering the text au I posted yesterday (find that by clicking the ‘notrequested’ tag bc I’m on mobile sorry) because the text au matches the other snapchat
au. But yeah, enjoy! Ily! And btw, sorry about the quality of some of the pictures!