myles prangnell

Myles and his adventure!

This weekend just gone, one of my good friends embarked on a journey up along the east coast in his panel van, not stopping until he reaches Cape York or somewhere around there. He is traveling in the van by himself with only cameras and film as company. He got friends and family to donate some cash for film, taking only a Cambo 4x5, Mamiya C3, Nikon FM2 and a Ricoh GR1.

All up I think he bought 170+ rolls of film and is not returning home until it has all been used. We had a nice little going away party for him on the Saturday so I decided to take along my RZ and test out the Polaroid back. I’ll be uploading some of my more favourite ones later, separately.

If you’d like to know more about Myles’ trip follow him here and keep updated: