Mylah is “IN” & She speaks:

Hello Hello!

So its page 20 out of 365 today and its after 1AM my time and my mind is at work. I have been feeling very up and down, moody all day and realized that since 2014 began, things have come across as a REAL game changer for Me. I knew that when this year began I was going to let go of several things not to mention 3 major obstacles involving family, past crush or love encounters and friendships but its truly easier said than done. For the last 3 weeks, I have been trying to come to terms with how to make Myself a better and stronger Me and how to keep Myself happy and at peace and I guess the answers comes day by day but trust Me, it really isnt easy to come by. All I know is that I need to remain strong, stay faithful & continue to pursue my dreams and maintain mental stability; not letting one awful day be the end of my world.

And on that note, I chose this caption to remind myself that not everyday will be easy but try to find a good thing in everyday because life is too short to muss and fuss over things and people who are most likely not fussing and such over You! Love yourself, continue to stay positive and through difficult times, have faith and optimism (yes, it is not easy I know, just have to try).

Peace & love xo,

Mylah is “OUT” !

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