Here’s a super quick, completely un-edited video of working on sit-stay with my cat, Scuzzy. Scuzzy has a pretty good sit, but I’ve never asked for duration or eye contact.

In the first 1:25ish, I’m marking and rewarding when Scuzzy offers sustained eye contact. If your puppy isn’t capable of sitting long enough to offer eye contact, you may want to work on that in a down-stay or doing doggy zen first to make sit-stay easier on them. It’s generally easier for dogs with better eye contact to maintain stay positions, because they’re able to focus on you instead of being distracted by the environment.

In the last part of the video, I’m rewarding Scuzzy rapidly for staying in position, and I introduce a release word. When Scuzzy broke position, I chose to wait for him to offer it again because he has a strong sit behaviour. If your puppy isn’t very good at offering sits, give them their release cue (I’m using “break” in the video), ignore them for a few seconds (keep them on leash if they’ll get into trouble when you ignore them), and reposition them. Your puppy should learn pretty quickly that staying in position brings lots of food, but moving around is boring. Over time, you can gradually increase the amount of time between treats until you’re only rewarding every few minutes. Once you’ve introduced a bit of a break between rewards, you can start selectively rewarding for eye contact to help build your puppy’s focus like in the previous method.

Things julie says when shes drunk

“youre so pretty i love you”

“I’m going to paint myself like rumple-stilts-a-bitch”

“i think the inside of my ear needs to be gold”

“i may need you to help me shower”

“i dont trust anyone but you to wash me”

“helppppp kayyylllaaaa i’m shiny”

“I need that mac and cheese inside my being”



“I’m going to sit on the floor now”


“KAYLA COME HERE” *Proceeds to spray areosal whipped cream in my mouth*

“I broke my cup”

yes ik and its basically like that but excluding cis girls ??????? fUck , like i dont find anyone hot or sexually appealing unless i am dating them really so like ??? gdi i guess ive never dated a cis girl so i wouldnt know??

myladyfire asked:

hello! I am going to be working on some stuff for a costume soon and I was wondering if it was at all possible to sew scales onto a corset? Just a simple underbust. Is there a certain way to do it or an easier way than just sewing all by hand?

Sorry for not being around lately! Did you want to just cover the corset or were you thinking more of just accent scales?

myladyfire asked:

Hey! I saw the picture of you in that grey dress stealthing your corset, it's so cute! I know it said you got it from amazon, what is the brand of it or whatever?

american apparel

myladyfire asked:

Graceling :) or Fire. They are both by the same author.

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