Eu perdi o deslumbramento com o amor, com o trabalho e com a beleza. Eu descobri que amor entedia, emprego não é diversão e belezas são relativas. O problema é que não soube substituir o meu deslumbre por acomodação, eu não sei me conformar com a chatice do mundo. Mas o que exatamente seria uma vida extraordinária?
—  Tati Bernardi
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We’re celebrating World Photo Day with a closer look at the world of Dabs Myla’s NEW COSMIC at 1515 Broadway. Their artist statement follows: 


NEW COSMIC, 2016_ _

An animated installation experience

As a married couple that spends every day together, travels together and makes art together, most of what we create is influenced by moments, situations and feelings that we share.

New Cosmic is an interactive installation that reflects on the parallels of two separate places and two separate moments in time, which we experienced together. On a recent journey to India we visited a truly cosmic place named Jantar Mantar, an 18th-century sundial that tells the time of day. Here we shared a moment, revelation and discussion between ourselves that inspired us in our direction. In this moment we related the experience and discussion to an equally moving and strangely identical one a year prior to this spent in California’s Mojave Desert visiting the Joshua Tree Integratron. The structure was built in the 1950s to harness geomagnetic energy with the intention of time travel. Both moments were equally influential in meaning and related to similar ideas and feelings that revolved around the idea of our shared energy. 

We decided to re-create an environment that was inspired by these two places so we could invite people to share the energy and moment with us. We teamed up with the furniture company Modernica to create sculptures and custom-made furniture pieces for New Cosmic. We love mid-century modern design and so many elements from this influence our artwork. To be able to collaborate with people who share a love for that era and design makes it a perfect match.

This installation builds on our collaboration with Modernica last year, in which we created a fully immersive exhibition inside a stand-alone 1930s Spanish revival workspace in Los Angeles. 

The experience of working with Viacom was a massive inspiration to us in several forms. We could feel the creative spirit as soon as we walked into the building. We visited different departments and saw people working together in so many unique ways. The energy was overwhelming.

We felt truly honored to realize a project in the same building that houses amazing creations and ideas from talented individuals. Knowing that this artistically minded staff was going to experience our work each day made us want to create something really special that would hopefully continue to nurture the creative spirit. 

We love to build spaces where people can step into our world. Taking a moment from our life and re-creating it in our own interpretation and having Viacom’s support gave us the freedom to carry our vision far. We couldn’t have imagined a better team to have behind us and a better environment for NEW COSMIC

­- Dabs Myla

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Myla to Stocking - “Your smile is beyond gorgeous… please, keep doing it.”

Stocking couldn’t help but smile around the large dragoness, even if Nyla had told her to stop she likely wouldn’t. “Oh, and what exactly makes it so great?”

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Are you still friends with myla

Myla will always be someone I’m very close to I have nothing but love for that girl and I wish her the very best

Listen to model Myla Dalbesio’s poem about diversity in beauty and feel empowered

Listen to model Myla Dalbesio’s poem about diversity in beauty and feel empowered

This is Myla Dalbesio.

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Myla may look familiar because she is also a successful model.

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A photo posted by MYLA DALBESIO (@myladalbesio) on Jun 1, 2016 at 2:17pm PDT

In 2014, she began modeling for Calvin Klein, and shook up the fashion industry when she was marketed as the brand’s “first-plus size model.”

You can see one of Dalbesio’s statements on her Calvin Klein campaign in the Instagram caption below:

THE BODY ISSUE ~ I don’t know how or why but I guess this topic is inexplicably trending in relation to me once again, so I’m going to address it quickly. I am not plus size. I have never been plus size. Which is confusing, I understand, because for the first 8 years of my modeling career, that is the segment of the industry that I worked in and the board at my (former) agency that I was signed to. Why is that? Because 10 years ago, when I started modeling, no “straight size” board would sign anyone above a size 2-4 (and even size 4 was pushing it). Working under that label was the only way I could work. Luckily, things have changed in that regard. I am happily on the main board at @nextmodels, which does not distinguish any difference in size or shape of it’s models, just represents them as they are, without labels. How things have shifted in the past decade! And what is even more glorious is the amount of successful models of all shapes and sizes that we see in major media now. Luckily for the people saying that I am “not plus size enough” to be working, they have amazing role models they can look up to that may represent someone closer to themselves. Girls like @theashleygraham, @taralynn, @palomija and @jojacalled inspire me constantly. But I also think it is important for women that are my size to see themselves represented. Let’s not begrudge them (or me) for that. One of the reasons I post naked selfies is because I want other women to see that their own bodies are both normal and beautiful. I remember a scene in Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene, where Elizabeth Olsen took her clothes off, and I felt like I saw myself in her body, something that I rarely, if ever, saw represented in mainstream Hollywood. It made me feel good, almost like I was better understood. Can we all just work on understanding each other? Body shaming, whether it be too fat, too skinny, too athletic, etc. is unfair for all. We all want to be healthy, we all want to be beautiful, we all want to belong. I DESERVE TO BE REPRESENTED AND YOU DO TOO. We all do. And we all can be, if we start encouraging and supporting one another instead of picking each other apart

#rantover #bodytalk

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Dalbesio’s inclusion sparked a lot of controversy on the Internet, regarding whether she is truly plus-size when she only wears a size 10. Dalbesio’s modeling opened up a conversation about the “in-between model” who is not thin enough to be a typical model, but is not a size 14, either. In an interview with Elle in 2014, Dalbesio said:

“It’s kind of confusing because I’m a bigger girl… I’m not the biggest girl on the market but I’m definitely bigger than all the girls [Calvin Klein] has ever worked with, so that is really intimidating.”

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Myla has used her platform to continue discussing body-positivity and smashing the patriarchy. On her Instagram, she frequently posts her collage poetry:

Saturday night’s alright ✨✂️

collage from my series “Honey” #collage #snipsnip #saturdaynight #studiomyla

A photo posted by MYLA DALBESIO (@myladalbesio) on Jul 23, 2016 at 5:19pm PDT

And most recently, Myla wrote an extremely moving body-positive poem for Allure:

Myla’s vocal delivery and physicality while reading the poem is riveting. The entire work is inspiring, and we highly suggest you watch and listen to the whole thing. But here is a transcript of some of our favorite lines written by Myla:

Where do you hold your beauty?
Do you see it when you look in the mirror?
Is it in your face, the depth of your eyes?
The hood of their lids, the pucker of your lips?
Is it in the pigment of your skin?…
The articulation of each digit
The bend of your knees
The curve in your hips
Do you see it in your body?

Throughout the poem, she imagines the body in different actions, different phases, and different shapes — ruminating on the beauty present in all bodies each time.

It is so incredible to see Myla Dalbesio use her role in the beauty and fashion industry to change its standards from within.

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I had inspiration from your video of the forest and i used some of the technique I saw and if I post my drawing on tumblr I would like to give you some credit. how should I do that? like what should I say?

Hi there, and thanks for writing in~

I’m so glad my video could inspire you and even teach you some of the methods I use. I’m totally okay with you posting work that I helped inspire, all I ask is that you link back to my tumblr blog. You can either provide my full URL (, or link directly to my account name using @mylafox.

Thanks again, and keep at it! Good luck.


“DRAAAAGOOON!” While at first it may have seemed that someone was crying out of fear of spotting a dragon, it quickly became evident that Fino wasn’t cowering in the slightest. Instead, she ran circles around the dragoness, diving and jumping around to get a proper look at the fellow monster girl. Her pale blue eyes seemed to shimmer with the excitement and energy of the midday sun, practically channeling that same energy to Myla.

From @beatgrrrl - Charles Bukowski mural on the side of Bukowski’s Co-Op 28 in Los Feliz (Los Angeles, CA) #la #losangeles #art #losfeliz #charlesbukowski #charlesbukowskiquotes #streetart #mural #literature #poetry #instaquote #myla #photobyme #BukowskiGivesMeLife