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i don’t get why there are people who get all touchy about the idea of females, different sexualities and more people of color (basically, more diversity) in tolkien’s stories

it’s fantasy

there are orcs and elves and hobbits and goddamn balrogs and talking eagles and yet things like aragorn being black or bilbo being asexual or more females ARE OUTRAGEOUS IDEAS


FINALLY I DID IT. Here’s a video for my Tolkien collection. I hope you see this, anon!!

story time

During my freshman year of high school, one of my friends came over my house to hang out. And whenever I had a friend over I always was nervous how they would react to my collection. Back then it looked something like this:

And I remember warning her before we walked into my room. She took one look at it and said “…………………..wooow.” And she never came over my house again. I think I freaked her out.

end of story time

I was giffing this scene earlier today and I’m laughing I never really noticed their expressions before. Especially the one wearing the hat

She goes from “YAY” to “wtf” in less than 10 frames