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Roger Federer’s My World

The tennis champion shares his life secrets

The first thing I do when I wake up is cuddle my twin girls, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva. With four kids I can’t spend 30 minutes in the shower any more

I’m not a big breakfast fan, I’m more of a lunch and dinner guy. On match days I force myself to eat porridge with berries but I prefer croissants

I’ve got my own wine cellar. I’ve made mine modern with glass so you can see into it from every angle. It’s got wow factor

In Paris I like to go to L’Ami Louis to eat foie gras. I’m not brave enough for the frogs’ legs or snails

When I play at the French Open in early summer it’s white asparagus season. In the autumn it’s cep mushroom time

I can’t get through the day without a massage to make sure I can still walk upright in the morning

I need more than eight hours of sleep a night. When I say I need more sleep, everyone knows they have to be quiet

Switzerland is an unbelievable country. I live in the mountains so I see the landscape change and I go for hikes in the forest

You can’t dress like other guys if you live in Switzerland. If I were to walk into a restaurant wearing a suit and bow tie people would think I’d lost it

I experiment with jackets and suits. Recently I went to Dior to buy a dark blue suit. I also like Louis Vuitton and Prada

When I meet Anna Wintour I make an extra effort to look good to respect the occasion. She’s given me little bits of style advice

Michael Jackson tried things no one else dared, like the white socks he wore for ‘Billie Jean’ so people would pay attention to his quick moves

I wear colourful socks, nothing too crazy but it adds a little something

We went on holiday to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai after I won Wimbledon in 2004. The service was impeccable, which is what I appreciate most from a hotel

Lions are my favourite animals. I went on safari in South Africa and we got so close to one, it could have jumped into our car

Lifting my first Wimbledon trophy felt like holding a newborn baby. It was unbelievably emotional

I’m a bit boring during Wimbledon. We rent a house and friends and family come round in the evening for a barbecue. I have zero skills with a pair of tongs

Roger Federer is a Moët & Chandon Global Brand Ambassador