Disney Questionnaire!

The Rules

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2) Answer the questions the person who tagged you gave you, and write 15 new questions.
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1. Favorite live-action Disney movie?

2. If you could live in any attraction at the Disney parks—which one would you pick? 

3. Favorite Pixar film?

5. A story you wish Disney would animate?

I want this story. Of course everyone’s going to compare it to the already existent animated film. But I want Disney to keep the ballet if possible, the aesthetics of it, and keep the ending in which she dies. The story itself is beautiful enough not to be changed, but can be added.

6. Favorite instrumental Disney song?

A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes (instrumental version)

7. Unpopular opinion on any popular Disney film?

I don’t like “I Got a Dream” from Tangled. Mainly for the Mozart reference. Man wasn’t even alive at what appears to be neof the end pf the middle ages.

8. Favorite obscure character?

9. If you have any photos of you and a face character from the parks let’s see it. Or which character would you love to meet in person? 

Please ignore my character integrity intrusion.

But THIS PETER PAN IN DISNEY WORLD. I am looking for him but he never walks around the park when I’m there. Only flying.

10. Favorite evil underlings/henchmen? 

11. What was the very first Disney film you’ve seen?

One of these two:

12. Favorite film that Walt Disney himself worked on? 

13. Favorite non-musical animated Disney film? 

14. Most annoying Disney character in your opinion? 

15. Favorite quote/line/lyric?

“God help my people; the poor and down-trod
I thought we all were the children of God.”

1. Favorite character to meet in the parks?

2. Favorite ride?

3. Disney dream cosplay?

4. Favorite princess?

5. Least favorite princess?

I just never liked her enough

6. Are you willing to give Frozen a chance?

I’m kind of forced to. I have to see it to judge it.

7. Have you seen Monsters University yet?


8. Do you sing Disney songs when nobody is around? And when I say sing, I mean out loud.


9. Most handsome prince?

10. Cutest princess/heroine?

Yes she’s a princess!

11. Hottest heroine/princess?

12. Best Disney horse?

13. Best Disney kitty?

14. A non-Disney song that you thing suits your favorite princess?

I feel this is her in love.

“A Heart Full of Love”

15. Last Disney movie that you saw?


1. What do you hate about a certain princess?

2. Favorite prince?

3. Favorite Classic Mickey Gang Character?

4. Favorite land in Magic Kingdom/DL park?

5. Favorite park?

6. Favorite character outfit?

7. Character in park that definitely needs redesign?

8. Least favorite spot in Magic Kingdom/DL park?

9. Favorite Disney food?

10. Where you want to eat in WDW/DL but can’t afford?

11. If you could be a fur character, you will be?

12. Opposite gender. You would want to be who in the parks?

13. Dream cosplay if you were the opposite gender?

14. Your favorite princess would love which fast food chain?

15. Your favorite villain will love which modern food?