So this next song is about a man, and all I wanted to do with him was get naked, but then he was like baby no baby NO! oh take your pants off honey and shut up don’t you wanna just? you know…. fuck so im sitting there ready to bone this guy and he says wait, can we just talk? seriously dude? iugh GROSS who wants to talk when you can bone? not this girl sorry

June 6, 2013

Do you know what hells is like? Because I do, I know exactly how living in hell feels, and I face it every single day of my life. Living away from my family, where people don’t care about you and blame you for everything. In a place where you can’t say no, and you have to do everything they tell you to do. I reached bottom, I can’t deal with this shit anymore, my head is burning in rage, my heart pounds and my emotions are floating in the air, I feel like screaming so hard until my throat explodes and I would die because of it, but at least I would have died expressing myself and not keeping all the stupid anger inside of me. I don’t even know what to think right now, I really can’t understand why he makes my life harder. Why are people so angry? I know I make mistakes, but If I fell the least you can do is helping me to get up instead of bringing me down.

I really really miss school, I know it sounds crazy because I really wanted to be on vacations but not anymore, I get to see my friends at school and that’s what I need right now, friends… people who I can trust, people who can get a smile out of me, and people to hang around and get away from this hell. I know I’ve got the best friends that I could ever ask for but I can’t hang out with them not even skype with them, what I miss the most is my best friend who is always busy for me. I wish I had wings and could fly to another place, just me and my thoughts, that’s the only thing I need right now