Bill: The perfect son that is every parents’ dream.

Mike: The big bro at uni.

Bev: The only girl.

Ben: The sweet and shy one that never gets to speak (mainly because of Richie)

Stan & Eddie: The twins which are scared of everything (but sometimes Eddie gets out of control so he’s a lil badass, but just sometimes)

Richie: The broken condom.

(In addition)

Georgie: The baby.


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Tutorial: How to do #TheWave with one person… :) 😂😂😂
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This mom was finally up to a park adventure! Ryan had to drive me home but I made it there which feels huge right now. Living in Southern California means that we get bursts of Summer in January. 75 degree weather and hot flashes is sweat city. I have officially become one of those women who carries a speed stick in her purse and oil wipes on hand at all times. How does ones skin manage to be dry and oily all at once?

One miss Buggy had to flaunt the keys to her car that Daddy fixed up for Christmas. She of course had to show off her off roading skills– Fynn casually went along for the ride. They took the trail in our neighborhood to the park and even got her own parking space. Then my feisty children showed off their skills and what big kids they are. Fynn excitedly went down the slide and sang “let it go” on the top of his lungs (causing all the moms to gush) and made friends with a little girl his age. He held her hand and helped her up the steps of the jungle gym. Bug on the other hand did numerous “ollies” on her scooter and at one point even shouted “Look mom 360 to smith” as she jumped around awkwardly. Someone obviously knows her lingo and pays pretty close attention to her Daddy.