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Day 14 :: Lies

Everything changed. You and me.
– Day 356, Saïx secret report


I shouted with all my heart
But my FEELINGS didn’t reach you
The future that was ours
Will never come to fruition

Like a scar left by an unforgettable dream
Find in that important promise
EMOTIONS that once disappeared

Lyrics: ‘Koe’ and 'over’ by Arashi


Day 05 :: Flames / Berserk

“Hey,” you suddenly call across from the terrace, and there’s a pause before you say, “Lea?”
I stop. That you might be reading my mind fills me with dread. “What is it?”
You smile, raking back your hair. You have a voice that lingers. “I knew you’d be fire.
– from Bone of Contention Chapter 4, Axel side { x }


♥♥♥♥♥ for Mel ♥♥♥♥♥

Happy Holidays (though it’s no longer holidays), Mel!!!! I was actually supposed to do that akusai fic as your present (which you have figured out by now I guess LOL). But I couldn’t get it started so here is a Riku gifset instead. Isn’t he so precious??? <3333 This is nothing compared to your graphics, but I’ve made it with all my heart!! ;www; I LOVE YOU LOTS MEL I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME AWESOME 2015
p.s. I’ll still write you that akusai thing bec I already planned it out. I love you loootttsss <333333)