- Then, why do you keep hanging around me? Why do you keep appearing? Why are you doing this? Do you like me by any chance? I asked if you liked me?

- Do I seem like that much of a mad man? Do I look like I’m lacking something? Have you ever seen someone like me like a woman like you? Do you think that makes any sense realistically? I think you’re misunderstanding… If I piled up the pictures of the women with good education, family background and looks who are willing to marry me, it would be as tall as a building. But with your family, education, skills and age, you don’t have one thing that’s good. By any chance, you have anything, raise your hand! See? You don’t have one.

 - Then why are you following me around? - Why are you asking me that? - Then who should I ask?

- You should ask yourself. What am I supposed to do, even though you keep occurring to me? Whether I meet you or not, it seems to be like I’m with you. So what am I supposed to do? Kim Su-han-mu, turtle and red-crowned crane…Every night I do this. How desperate do you think I am? What have you done to me? Why did you choose me to do this? … You’re a completely strange woman. But that’s exactly the problem, that is. You’re so strange that I find you puzzling and amazing. So right now, I’m just a mad man.