EVERYONE, this is my baby chicken!!!! It doesn’t live with me, it lives with my friend Blaze. One of her hens had been sitting on some eggs for a while now & Blaze assumed they weren’t going to hatch because they had gotten really cold. We went in today to feed them & there was a little baby chicken running around. I named her Clarice because I have always wanted a chicken named Clarice. There were two other eggs, one of which was obviously hatching/chirping, & one that looked like it had started hatching, but was completely silent & not moving any, which we assumed had died.

We went to my house to get a large rat cage to put them in–they can’t stay out because she has a very aggressive rooster that will kill them, plus they could easily escape from the chicken pen, & when we got back, the one we thought was dead had started hatching. The egg was very cold & the chick was not doing a very good job, so I held him for several hours keeping him warm & helping to peel the shell off. He ended up hatching right out into my hand. He is very beautiful. I had never seen anything be born before. I got very excited & I started crying & I did not want to put him down because I felt so attached to him. I held him until he was strong enough to stand up, then I put him in the cage with Clarice (the yellow chick on the right)

I don’t know what Blaze wants to call him, but I have named him Mykerion after a super-irritating little kid that comes in my workplace a lot. The mom is always yelling “MYKERION, GET OVER HERE” & “MYKERION, DON’T TOUCH THAT” & it gets on everyone’s nerves & now I can think of precious Mykerion chicken whenever they are in the store disturbing me. I am calling him a him but really I hope that he is a she, because Blaze won’t be able to keep him if he’s a rooster since she already has two & that’d make me really, really sad. I hope Mykerion is a girl & stays healthy & lives.