Favorite Kaisoo moments: When Kyungsoo shows his love for Jongin

“The way he thinks…. he takes care of the members well. His thinking is sensitive and sophisticated. The way he looks is just like a maknae, when he’s playful, he’s playful, but when it’s serious he turns really serious. So I think he’s very mature.” cr.

- Kyungsoo about Jongin


kaisoo AU - “all yours” - daddy!kink

Kyungsoo lives only with his mom and has to deal with people bullying him everyday because he is too small for his age. He goes to the little park near his neighbourhood to escape somewhere their words can’t follow him. Most of the time, he just sits agaisnt this big tree and listens to music. But, there’s another person who has started frequenting the park. - kokorostrings


“I could be your daddy”, he says, bringing a careful hand to rest on Kyungsoo’s arm. “Do all the things good daddies should do.”