If this doesn’t mean that Chloe and Beca move in together after college, then I’ll cry for like a year… actually, let’s be real - I’ll cry either way…

…but, dude, just imagine them both throwing their things in the same boxes (because who cares - it’s all going to the same place anyway)… just imagine them driving to LA together, and eating take-out, while they unpack everything… just imagine them bickering playfully about how to decorate their new apartment, and being cute, and LIVING TOGETHER.

So, I woke-up this morning to a bunch of really weird stuff on my dash. I’m going to have my say, and then I’m not going to post about it anymore.

Firstly, people suck and I can’t believe that they would have the audacity to send that negative shit to anyone - let alone an actor doing their job. As an actor, she is a public figure, but she is also a very real person and should be respected as such.

Secondly, even some of the positive stuff people have been saying is actually, like, super creepy. It’s like people have forgotten how to give a normal complement. If anyone told me that I was fragile and needed protecting, I would be pissed-off because it would make me seem like I’m not capable of protecting myself.

Thirdly, all that stuff about her drinking her feelings? Come on, people. Seeing people write that crap about me would also piss me off. Drinking with your friends is completely normal and literally everyone does it. If it were me, I wouldn’t appreciate people analyzing me to that degree.

Basically, the fandom needs to stop and think about what they’re writing.  I don’t mean to offend people with this.  I understand that some people’s intentions are good, but maybe they should think about how they would feel if someone wrote that stuff about them.  She’s an amazingly talented actor and an inspiration to a lot of people. I’m sure she probably appreciates the positive vibes - just take an extra second to think about what you’re writing before you post and don’t be weird about it.

Just figure out that you’re bisexual and feeling a bit weird about it?

Watch The 100 (bisexual main character), Orphan Black (important bisexual character), and Just Between Us (too perfect to try for real words - just do yourself a favour and watch it).
They helped me when I figured it out, so they might help you too.

Don’t stress about it. It’s totally okay. 
You are who you are, and that’s great. :)

Onsies, man...

I used to think they were a bit stupid, but my banana onsie is now one of my favourite things… seriously, there is NOTHING better to study in. 
How did I make it this far in life without one? It’s cold and I’m sitting at my desk wearing my blanket.  It isn’t cumbersome. It doesn’t slip-off or bunch-up or leave part of my body cold. The person who first made an adult onsie probably got made fun of, but they were a GENIUS.