I have a lot of free time on my hands right now. I am in this weird post-graduate place in my life where I don’t have a full-time job, or a huge urgency to get one (I promise I am looking). I have travel plans in the near future, and the far away future. I live in a brand new city, full of people I will soon meet and places I will soon explore.But there is a strange stagnancy to a situation like this, it’s easy to get stuck. I am both motivated to do everything, and motivated to do nothing. Mainly because most things cost money, (the lack of a full-time job will really make these things tricky), but it’s something else too. Something that is hard to identify. I don’t want this missing motivation to be the reason I don’t get the best experience out of the summer after my college graduation.

What I am getting at here is that I want to be more involved with all of the aspects of my life while I have a chance, before a job eats up more of my time (I had an interview today and I am hoping to hear back from another prospect very soon!). I want to blog more, I feel like I have been really distant from my blog and my internet friends and community. A lot of events happened in my life early this year that made me retreat from sharing large portions of my life. I think it’s healthy to have privacy, especially when you’re feeling fragile. But I also think it’s fun to share the positive things in my life, especially if they inspire others to take on a positive path as well.

So here’s to daily blogging, to daily picture making, and to a journey to reconnect with this connection that was once strong but fell weak under difficult circumstances.I was a writer once, and I would love to be a writer again.

Mini-life-update, I bought a bike today, so much exploring to be had!