• Josh Horowitz:So what are you most excited about filming Catching fire?
  • Catching fire :*the victory tour, intense meeting with Snow at her house, Gale nearly dying on the kitchen table, cinna being hurt, a whole new arena, new tributes, Peeta's hissy fit in district eleven, haymitch's games, starting a revolution*
  • Jen:Josh and i get married.

anonymous asked:

can you recommend me some good fanfics? :)

Joshifer ?

  • Tell me you know (I don’t even have words. Tell me you know makes non-joshifer-shippers ship Joshifer. So…)
  • You and me (Work in progress. She just got back to writing it!)
  • You can Always come home (By Melissa, also known as Wow how can you even write so perfectly)
  • When the flames die down (Also by Melissa. Work in progress but already in the “Joshifer fics hall of fame” (according to Marie))
  • Intimate strangers (Jamie is perfect she even wrote a part of this story just for me i mean wow)
  • As if we never said goodbye and others (she writes a lot and updates really frequently!)
  • Hunger and One shots (By the other Melissa (the younger one but the taller one you follow me?). This was the first one I read and I was hooked. I knew i was gonna ship this ship until i die)

I really hope this question was about Joshifer. If it was about Everlark, well I’m really sorry, the only one I’ve read is Alone in a crowded room (it’s flawless, i mean flawless). If your question was about everlark, well it’s a good opportunity for you to start shipping Joshifer. -xo