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HEADCANON: Mycroft recorded Jim saying "did you miss me?" Before Reichenbach and edited it together in order to save Sherlock in HLV

Mycroft held the camera up to Jim, who was winking and kissing towards the lens. 

“You can keep this for yourself, baby.” he smirked at the camera, looking right at it like it was Mycroft he was looking at, the elder Holmes smiled before slapping Jim’s wrist away. 

“Come on, serious now. You are Mr. Sex remember. You’re back, to save Sherlock.” Mycroft instructed, to which Jim rolled his eyes.

“You’re going to save my brother… for me.” Mycroft asked innocently. 

“For you.” Jim smiled, kissing Mycroft once and posing for the video.

I’ve done all I can to find you..

I’ve called hospital after hospital, clinic after clinic.

heard so much elevator music from being on hold so many times.

How many fucking clinics can loyola have?!

I’m just not content with the goodbye I got from you.

Yeah, you’ll be gone two weeks. But I just got that one text and thats it.

when did I grow to care so much about you and be so worried.

I feel like a mother.

Your helping yourself, and trying to fix things. I’m so proud of you.

I just wish i would have got more notice of where you’d be.

or an “i’ll call you!”.

“bye pam, I’m going to the hospital.”

I asked your asshole brother and all he says is “loyola” does he know how many fucking loyola’s there is?!

I’m making you a hand made get well soon card get sane-soon skins card.

Cos only you would be able to understand my dark humor.

who am I supposed to watch skins with now?

or text til the sun comes up? who am I gonna tell all my crazy fucked up thoughts too?

two weeks feels like forever I guess I hadn’t noticed how accustom I’ve grown to you, and how much you’ve come to mean to me.

Whereever the fuck you are, probably trash talking some really nice nurse who’s finding out she has a new level of patience. I hope your getting what you need, and I hope you know pam misses you.