This book was a very big influence in my life as a teenager, and came into my life at a time in my life that I needed it. The over all themes and messages with in, would make me question many stances I thought I held. I would go on to read the following installments and to this day I find and consume anything Author Daniel Quinn releases. If you have not found this book, I suggest you do so. I will not give away any detail about the book, because I could never tell you what it tells you!

My Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

I read the first book in this series, Ishmael, earlier this year, and while I never would have picked up a book about a telepathic, philosopher gorilla on my own, a friend ( @iamemjoyce ) recommended it and I was pleasantly surprised. So why not read the next book? This book overlaps the first book, so while Ishmael has a new student, Julie, the timeline is the same as when he was teaching Alan in the first book.
It’s hard to sum up this book without going into much detail. Basically Ishmael wants to teach humans how to live life differently so that we can save the earth (and it’s resources) and learn how to live in a way that satisfies us on a more spiritual and instinctual level.
To be honest, this book is way over my head, and most of it blew my mind. It also inspired me to try to live differently and then frustrated me when I realized I had no clue how to do so. Though, Ishmael says that there’s no one right way to live - we just need to start experimenting with different ways.
Personally, I’d say if this book sounds even remotely interesting, go read Ishmael then read My Ishmael. At the very least Quinn provides a new take on human history and how to live differently.
Also, don’t judge this book by the scary gorilla face on the cover.

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