6th Oct 16 / had quite a lovely morning today! i started at 11 so i had some time to read a few more chapters of the handmaid’s tale (which i really can’t seem to let go of) before catching the bus to school. my first lecture was french, in which we had a dictation and i only had one mistake which was quite a nice start to the school day ✨

Felt really motivated to start writing out a few french notes this morning 🇫🇷 i didn’t do as much studying as i hoped to this christmas break but i’m planning to try and do a tiny bit everyday starting from today, just so i can keep a fresh memory of everything ✨


19th Oct 16 / kinda been unable to update this blog because i’ve been so occupied the past couple of weeks, with second year getting quite hard and pantomime rehearsals virtually every evening! it’s a huge boost for motivation though, and it’s making me feel super productive too 😊 

(featured in the pics are my school project which i FINALLY handed in last week, and a copy of le petit prince that @areistotle was generous enough to give me 💕)