anon said : Phone sex with Rapmon

  • phone sex doesn’t occur often with Namjoon
  • he’d much rather be able to touch you and watch as waves of pleasure wash over you and be able to hold you afterwards and tell you how amazing you are and that he loves you
  • but he is by no means opposed to phone sex
  • it’s usually very late at night when he calls you and you can just tell right away what he wants
  • his voice is deeper than usual and he’s somewhat shyer than usual
  • it feels very intimate but also risky which he likes but he’s also terrified like what if one of the members walks in???
  • starts off slowly asking you how your day was, if you miss him, if you’ve been thinking about him
  • not very discreet to be honest but not very straightforward either
  • he’s teasing you in a way… he just really wants you to beg for him
  • when you finally do beg for him he’s all business
  • his voice gets lower and he pauses more often when talking
  • “think of what you want me to do baby”
  • UGH
  • he knows he’s getting you all hot and bothered
  • makes you tell him exactly what you’re doing and what you’re thinking about
  • “tell me everything… I want to know what I need to do when I next see you baby so you have to be descriptive”
  • LOVES when he can only hear your breathy moans on the other side of the line and you murmuring his name
  • he almost loses it right then
  • “how are you feeling baby?”
  • likes dirty talk especially it really gets him closer to his release
  • just imagining you sprawled out thinking of him touching you makes him extremely proud honestly he loves that he has that kind of effect on you
  • urges you to be loud when you climax even though his phone is on speaker and turned all of the way up
  • he’d be extremely embarrassed if another member heard but he’s always too caught up in the moment to care
  • after you hang up he likes when you send him photos even if they’re just of your blissed out face
  • he saves them… for rainy days
  • always praises you over text afterwards about how good you made him feel even though you weren’t even there
  • and tells you that he loves you
forbidden love chapter seven {demi lovato fanfiction}

“welcome to US history!!” the teacher shouts scratching her name on the white board. making sure to press extra hard so the marker makes that annoying squeaking sound. she passes papers down each row most likely questions to get to know us like every class will be doing today. “when your done please bring them to me!” she smiles walking towards her colorful desk. “this is going to be an interesting year.” jace comments passing papers to the girl behind him. i nod agreeing grabbing the papers from the boy in front of me. “what do you think demi is up to?” he asks beginning to write his name on the top of the page. “probably pulling her hair out.” i smile thinking about how she is right across the hall from me. “your probably right.” he laughs. 

a hour and a half passes when we fill into the halls. i rush towards the demis class but when i get there all the students including demi are already gone. its not like we planned to meet but it wouldve been nice to see her to get me though this hellish day. “do you want me to show you your next class?” jace asks standing on the opposite side of the hall. students for second period have already started piling in. i nod following him towards my physics class. 

physics passes in a blur i dont even remember what the name of the teacher was or when our first lesson in the book was due. oops. lunch is next finally. i head towards the crowd meeting in the main hall going into the cafeteria. the school in general is huge. but the cafeteria is just too big to be in a school. i skim the large room as much as i can before pulling out my phone and texting her.i wait a few minutes … no answer. is she ignoring me on purpose? is our fling just a fling for the summer? what if she…. “do you want to go outside?” jace asks from behind me shaking me from my overthinking thoughts. looking over the peoples faces and checking my phone i nod. “how do you like the school?” he asks while he holds the door for me going into the garden type lunch area. “its different from what iam used to.” i say finding a table in front of a couple rose bushes. “what are you used to?” he asks finding a place in front of me. “teachers not really giving a shit, just giving us worksheets, not bothering with homework because they know the majority of the class wont bring it back.” i say watching students gather sitting together on the grass. “physics is a pain.” i go on trying to lighten the mood from my old crappy school. “i could come over later and help if you want…” “who takes care of the flowers?” i ask before jace could say anything else. “gardening club.” he says taking a sip of his soup. “of course.” i smirk, “this school has a club for everything.” i laugh. he nods laughing. 

after lunch jace points me in the direction of my english class. hoping to have at least one class with demi iam disappointed as he calls out names from the roaster. demis names is no where to be found. the last class is gym, which is a good thing because i dont have to be sweaty all day long. for the first time all day i dont see jace so finding the gym is going to be hard. heading back inside the school i see my history teacher. “hey miss…” i begin then soon realize i forgot her name. “hey ! how are you?” she smiles looking down to my schedule in my hand. “good i just … umm iam lost.”  i reply . “ what class do you have next?” she asks smiling showing both rows of teeth. “gym.”  “oh thats an easy one!” she kind of shouts and grabs me by my wrist. after going down many halls and a large staircase we make it to the gym although iam already late. stepping in the coach pointing me to the bleachers where everyone is sitting waiting to be assigned a locker. i scan the girls hoping to see demi but again no demi. the coach hands out locker numbers along with school tees and shorts to switch into. i make it to my assigned locker first before anyone. i wait until the girls change out and leave the room before i even think about stripping. my shirt is off and jeans. i place them into my locker then go for the tee and shorts. i feel hands on my bare stomach i jump swinging around to see demi smiling at me. “you look sexy baby.” she smiles. i hug her as if i hadnt seen her in years. “miss me?” she smiles. i playfully hit her on her shoulder. “where were you!?” i say keeping my hands around her waist. “the first period was a joke, they fucked up my schedule it was a freshman class, then my actual first period the bitch took my phone for texting.” she pulls me closer. “i was trying to text you to meet me in the restrooms.” she whispers. i laugh. “then i got lost in the maze trying to look for you during lunch and yeah here we are.”  her hands slide on my ass underneath my undies. “not here.” i smile looking around. “why not?” she teases squeezes my ass. “we can take a shower.” she says pulling me towards the shower area. “what about class?” i say, not actually caring. “okay fine lets go run a mile in the heat outside.” she says pulling away from me. i let her get near the door before running after her. “fine.” i give in. “ my baby.”  she smiles. every time she is near i cant help but smile. she makes me happy. i follow her into the showers. demi is naked in a record time as usual. i unclip my bra hanging them on the hook they give us inside the shower. i begin to pull my undies off until she stops me. “let me.” she says getting on her knees she hooks her fingers on each side of my hips. she kisses down my stomach. she sucks at my skin leaving small marks down. my hand runs through her hair. pulling my undies down to my thigh she exposes my pussy. red marks stop just above my lips. her tongue dips into me playing with my clit. at this point my knees are weak i just want to be back at home so i can be as loud as i want. “fuckk.” i whimper reaching for the water knob. a colder water comes out first which neither of us seem to mind then it turns warmer. “i love this pussy y/n.” she smiles sliding two fingers into me. “i love your tongue.” i moan pushing her face back into me. she hums digging her face into my pussy. “shit!!” i moan covering my mouth. the bell ringings scares us both. girl voices come echoing in from the locker area. we reach for our clothes hurrying as much as we can. we hold both side of the curtain as the girls pass going into neighboring showers. the showers are completely private so the curtain is our main blanket to hide us. we wait 15 minutes for everyone to rush out then we make a run for my things.  

nearly a hour passes before we get home. “stupid buses dont they know i have to finish eating out my baby.” she smiles as we walk into the house. “mom!” i shout. no answer. “dad!?” demi shouts louder. no answer. “all ours.” she smiles grabbing my hand. i head towards her bed shutting the door behind us. “you know what to do with these.” she whispers tugging at my shirt. she walks towards her closet getting our favorite toy. my clothes are thrown in different spots on her floor including my bra and undies. i sit up on the bed spreading my legs wide. my fingers rub my pussy lips, dipping in only fingertips. “demiiii” i moan rocking my hips on my own hand. my juice already leaking out of me ready to be fucked. “please hurryyyy!!” i moan laying back rubbing my clit. demi pokes her head out with her wide smile. she is in the door way with the fake cock standing high from her hips. she slower makes her way towards me focusing on me only me. “rub yourself faster.” she whispers looking down at my pussy. i do as told starting to feel my build up. “harder slide your fingers inside.” she says dragging my hand down slipping three fingers inside myself. “make yourself cum baby.” she whimpers as she moves the toy that is inside her around. “fuckkkk your so hot!!!” she moans grabbing my thighs. “i f-feel it!” i nearly scream. she pulls my hand away pushing the toy inside. “baby!!” i scream wrapping myself around her. “faster!!” i moan. the bed frame knocks against the wall multiple times. she grabs my breast as they match her pounding. “you like it so fucking deep!!” she whimpers closing my legs pushing the toy deep inside me. “yesss fuckkkk!!!! please keep going baby keep fucking me demi!!!!” i moan begging for my high. demi looks towards the door for a second then focuses back on me. iam too focused on cumming to ask. her fingers play with my clit making this feeling so much more amazing. “ride me.” she whispers flipping up over i bounce off the toy nearly sliding off of it from how my juice are all over it. she pushes upward meeting me sending me over. “demii fuckkkk yesssss baby!!” i moan out sliding back and forth on the toy. demi pulls the toy off laying it beside us laying me down. “i need to clean my mess up.” she says licking around my lips then diving into me. “just like that.” i whimper grabbing her hair. “mmmmm.” she hums, while i rock onto her tongue. she looks up to me smiling. “demi you are the sexiest.” i smile letting her finish. we keep our eye contact as i watch her go to work. “you like that?” she asks making small circles inside me. i nod laying back onto the bed. “yess.” i reply looking back down to her to see jace standing in the door way in front of us. 

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HOW HAVE YALL BEEN!?!?! iam soooo sorry its been such a long time!! please forgive me!! alot as happened. iam not sure how many times a wk i will post but iam going to try at least once a wk. !! love you guys !! missed you!! let me know if you want to see a chapter 8!!!! thanks for reading!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Hey babe, just wondering if you could do an imagine with Carl and the girl is Neegans daughter? Something where she protects him in the Lucille line up and takes an interest/attraction towards him because she hasn't be exposed to anyone near her age? Thanks xoxo

Kinda Cute - Carl X Reader

Imagine protecting Carl in the lineup, because you take a liking to him and you haven’t been exposed to anyone near your age.

A/N: Enjoy! <3 - P.s. Sorry it’s been so long guys, I’ve been working a lot and haven’t had a lot of time to write, hence my lack of imagines. However, I’m trying to bring it back up to speed. Again sorry guys, I hope y’all are having a great day. <3

Word Count: 499

Warnings: Bad Language.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here!” You sighed as you watched your Dad pace in front of the new group he had captured. You knew that to survive in this world, you had to do everything you could to protect your group, but lately, Dad had just been doing a lot for himself and it was beginning to annoy you.

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

However, you were a little distracted. You see, Negan never let you hang around with guys your age. “They’re all lying, dirty, cheating little boys who don’t know how to treat a woman. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He told you on many occasions. But today, you could see a boy your age, who looked pretty cute in your eyes, maybe even a little badass.

Originally posted by lets-letmeimagine-posts

“I should just put you out of your misery right now!” You looked up to see your Dad pointing Lucille at a woman. A pregnant woman to be exact. You felt scared for her, when suddenly a man began shouting at Negan. “No! No, no! Don’t.” Negan shook his head as the man got dragged back in line. “All right, listen. Don’t any of you, do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’s free… It’s an emotional moment I get it.” Your Dad paced back to who seemed to be the leader of the group, a man named Rick. “Sucks don’t it? The moment you realise you don’t know shit.”

You suddenly saw your Dad point Lucille towards the boy and you moved a step closer, ready to stop your Dad in case he wanted to hurt him. “This is your kid, right?” Negan asked Rick, and worry began to fill the man’s eyes. The boy glared at your Dad, making you smile slightly at how stubborn he seemed. 

Originally posted by lets-letmeimagine-posts

“This is definitely your kid!” Negan said and Rick began to shout. “Stop this! Just stop!”

“Woah!” You flinched as your Dad raised his voice, stepping closer to the boy, pointing Lucille at him. “Do not make me kill the little future serial killer!”

Originally posted by retroholloway

“Dad!” You called, walking towards him. Negan turned to you, raising his eyebrows and glaring at you, warning you to stay out of it, but you didn’t care. “Dad, leave him alone. Seriously, don’t touch him.” You gave your Dad a pleading look, the kind of look you give when you really want something, and then your Dad gives in to you. You heard him grumble under his breath and you relaxed, knowing you had won this fight.

“Promise me.” You whispered and Negan lowered his head to you, confirming your promise. You nodded, turning to the boy who was staring at you. You noticed one eye was covered and you bit your lip, realising he wasn’t only cute, but you thought he was rather hot too.

Before you backed away you mouthed ‘You’re welcome’ and he gave a small smile your way before you returned to your spot next to the RV.

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Watch Me Babygirl

this is my gif from my personal blog btw :)

A/N: I’m a ho for highschool!bts so I began writing a series literally nobody asked for so this is part 1 of ?

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language, implied sexy stuff(?), fuckboy!jungkook 

[pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5] [pt.6] [pt.7] [pt.8] [pt.9] [pt.10] [pt.11] [pt.12] [pt.13] [pt.14]

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young!sirius x reader

title: marauders tease sirius

word count: 321

summary: marauders tease sirius and say that he is whipped by you

When you and Sirius started dating, you kept your relationship secret. You didn’t want anyone to know and believed that it will be better if no one will find out about you two, but soon it got hard to keep everything behind everyone’s backs, so you told everyone that you are together.

Lily was your friend and when she heard this new, she was happy for you but didn’t understand how you could fall for someone like Sirius. He wasn’t bad guy, but she just thought that he wasn’t your type.

One evening you were sitting in common room with Lily and doing your homework when Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter came back. You smiled when your boyfriend came closer and gave you a quick peck on the lips. He sat down beside you, laid his head on your shoulder and asked.

“What are you doing?”

“Homework,” You replied not moving your eyes from your book. “And I would suggest you do the same because exams are coming.”

Sirius chuckled and just shook his head.

“Well, if you are not planning to do your homework then maybe get me something to drink? Maybe make hot chocolate?”

Sirius groaned, but still stood up and then nodded. “Fine,”

“You are so whipped,” James murmured under his breath and laughed.

“Shut up,” Sirius said, giving him a glare.

“I have to agree with James,” Remus chuckled as well.

“You never make us hot chocolate,” Added Petter and made all boys laugh, of course except Sirius.

“Shut up,” Sirius repeated himself again and looked at you, but you just smiled.

“I have to agree with them too, you are whipped,” You also added and giggled, moving your eyes back to your book.

Sirius didn’t reply. He knew that everyone was right, but he just didn’t want to admit, he didn’t want to admit that he was whipped.


Originally posted by magiccastles

Summary: You’re the student body president. Your boyfriend is the school’s notorious bad boy and an underground performer. There’s no way the two of you do anything sexual… right?

Warnings: language, fingering, penetration (idk man it’s smut and it’s not as wild as some I’ve written)

Word Count: 2133

“You’re watching me perform tonight, right baby?” Jaebum asked, snaking his arms around your waist as his chest pressed against your back.

He placed a small kiss on the back of your neck then one behind your ear. You leaned back against him, temporarily stopping what you were doing.

“Help me finish taping this poster up and I’ll consider it,” you replied.

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The Hunter's Daughter

Vampire Michael AU

“NO! No, baby don’t leave me please! I love you, no please! You and me for eternity Mer, you promised! God, no please don’t be dead.” Michael sobbed into Meredith’s torn shirt, grasping at her hair as he pleaded for her life. It had just been them two for as long as he could remember. She had been there for him when he turned, during his first feeding, the first time he took a human life. And now she was gone, and at the hand of a human no less! “I’m so sorry baby. I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you.” He whispered into her ear, burying his head into his dead lover’s neck. A small scuffling sound awoke him from his sorrowful trance. Looking up, his eyes became dark as he saw him. The hunter who had slain his beloved Meredith, running for his pathetic life away from Michael. No. He would not have that. Pressing a chaste kiss to her forehead, he laid Meredith’s body on the ground and in the blink of an eye, sprinted after the disgrace who had taken his love from him. Catching him, he grabbed him by the neck, throwing him to the ground and kicking the stake that was Meredith’s murder weapon out of his hands. “YOU KILLED HER” he roared. Michael was absolutely shaking with rage. All self control that Meredith had taught him was gone. In its place was pure hatred and with it, an uncontrollable lust for blood and destruction. 

“That filthy vampire deserved to die and so do you.” The hunter spat at him from the ground. Michael leaned down so his face was inches away from the man’s. “You are going to pay for what you have done. I am going to make you suffer so that you are begging for death.” 

“Go ahead and do your worst, creature. There is nothing you can do to hurt me. I am more than my physical body.” The hunter hissed. 

“Oh, I know that.” Michael chuckled. “I know that family is the most important thing to you hunters. I also happen to know that you have a daughter, whom you seldom allow to accompany you on these trips. Trying to protect her, mate? Trying to protect your little girl like I tried to protect my Meredith?” Michael could see the fear seeping into the hunter as he continued. “Oh I know all about her. Word gets out when there is a hunter in the area, human.” He grabbed the man by the scruff and spat “I know that I am going to kill her. Slowly. I am going to drink every last drop of her blood as I watch the life drain from her eyes and that it will still not be enough to repay Meredith’s life.” Michael raged, fangs bared. 

“You will not touch her!” The hunter screamed.

“You should have thought of that before you staked my mate in the heart!” Michael growled. “And now your daughter will pay the price for your foolishness.” 

“No please, I beg you. Kill me! Torture me, drink all of my blood but please don’t touch her. She is only 18!” The hunter pleaded. 

“You are in no position to ask me to spare her. Think on your sins. I’m sure your daughter will be.” And with one flick of his wrist he silenced the hunter forever. 


Moving swiftly through the forrest, Michael set out to find the hunter’s daughter. She was said to have been living with her father in the old cabin near the outskirts of the village. He would kill her, yes. Kill her to avenge his love. Nearing the old house he slowed, sniffing the air for any sign of life, yet he smelled nothing. Approaching the door he slipped inside, soundlessly, like only a vampire can. Slinking around the house he continued to hunt for the girl. Entering the kitchen area, a small, slightly crumpled piece of paper caught his eye. It read. “Y/N, I have gone to hunt the dangerous vampire couple that has been terrorizing our town. If I am not back by noon, pack up what you need and go to our place. I doubt I will be able to kill them both and if I only kill one, the other will likely go after you. Stay safe and stay smart. Evade this vampire at all costs. With love, dad.” 

Michael checked the clock. 3:00pm. He had seriously underestimated these hunters. They had obviously taken the time to study him and Meredith enough to know that if one of them was killed, the other would avenge them in every way possible. So the girl was gone. This would make this harder. Michael had never been a great tracker, that was always Meredith’s job. But he would find her. He would find the hunter’s daughter and kill her. It was the only way he could avenge Meredith. 

Your POV. 

Clutching the steering wheel of your dad’s old truck, you drove towards the place that your father had instructed you to go. You knew this would happen if he kept hunting these monsters. You could only hope that he had managed to escape and would be meeting you at the old apartment you two had, which was your designated meeting spot, as soon as he could. Your dad had been hunting vampires for years but would never allow you to take part, or even learn, the art of hunting, always saying it was too dangerous and that he would protect you so there was no need. But if there was one thing you knew how to do, it was how to run away. Whatever was coming after you, you knew it would never find you. 

If only it was going to be that easy. 


Part two 


lemon-zing-tea  asked:

Oh boy that was amazing! I love seeing a caring negan, and you hit the nail on the head with the part about him being stern and commanding around his men but soft with the reader. I'd absolutely LOVE to see some smut based on the same concept, if you're willing! And if you'd like, in return, I could draw you something negan related for writing these! I'm 100% ok with doing smut as well!

Fragile Pt 2 - (Negan X Reader)

Part 1

A/N: Here you go! <3

Word Count: 1184

Warnings:  Fluff, bad language, Daddy kink/term

Negan held you close in his arms, making sure you knew he loved you with all he was and all he could be.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

“Negan?” You asked quietly, doubt suddenly filling your mind. “Yes, doll?” He replied, his voice low and serious, awaiting your question. “When I grow up- I mean when I get older, will you still love me? Even if I’m not young and beautiful?” Asking the question made you doubt everything you’ve ever been involved in with Negan, but you had to ask, or the question would’ve tormented you for days on end.

You heard Negan groan softly as he shifted on the bed, prepping himself up to see you clearly. “What on earth are you talking about?” He asked, frowning at you, his eyes fixed on you. You didn’t speak, you just shrugged your shoulders, feeling stupid you even asked the question. “Babygirl,” his voice was stern and serious, making your skin grow cold, but you loved it because it showed how much power he had over you, “before you, I didn’t care about finding someone to love. Sure I had my ‘wives’, but that’s done, they mean nothing to me now. You opened my eyes darlin’, and I love what I see in front of me. Heck, I’m gonna love that gorgeous face of yours until the end of time. So, if you ever start doubting yourself like this again, I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson. Got that, princess?” You nodded, sighing realising it definitely was a stupid question, but it was worth it because you could tell he was getting defensive about you.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Negan suddenly slipped away from you, picking Lucille up to put her away. You still felt rather insecure about it all but tried to accept and trust that nothing would change, even though you feared it would in the future. Maybe the saviours will find more people to join the group, and another girl, prettier than you will turn up and- Your thoughts were interrupted when Negan spoke. “Do you want anything to drink? I’m getting-“ He stopped when he realised the uncertainty plastered across your face. Negan’s jaw became tensed and he groaned lowly, bringing Lucille up onto his shoulder. Your heart on fire, as you realised what he was about to do.

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

“I’m sorry. I believe you, I’m just doubtful sometimes…” You said trailing off and he raised his eyebrow. He stood tall, holding Lucille tightly, a smirk etched onto his face before he began to chuckle.

You couldn’t take anymore. Realising just how electrified he made you feel, you bit your lip, watching this man as he lowered Lucille, dropping her to the floor. “I just told you, doll’. Stop doubting yourself, or I’ll have to teach you a lesson. Guess you’ve gotta be shown now, huh?” He walked towards you and smirked, loving how much he made you all hot and bothered. He crawled onto the bed, hovering over you. His hands firmly on your waist as your breathing became heavier, your legs were tightly closed, evident that he was making you go crazy.

He moved a leg to separate your own legs and once he did that you surrendered. You bit your lip as Negan moved down to whisper in your ear. “Are you gonna listen to me, Kitten? I love you, no one else. Understood?” You hesitated to answer, purely because you didn’t want your voice sounding high-pitched due to the fact your breathing pattern was now uneven. When you didn’t answer he moved his hand to your chin, making you look at him, when he asked you again. “Understood?”

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

All you could do was nod and then he grinned once again before moving down to kiss your neck. His hand moved from your chin to your neck, then down to your stomach, his hand reaching down to your t-shirt, pushing it up slowly. You anticipated his every move, driving you insane with how much he was teasing you, but he loved to see you at his mercy, letting him do whatever he wanted to you.

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

You and Negan had already confirmed that he would only do to you what you allowed him to, and would never do anything to you which you didn’t want him to do. He was a gentleman, who knew when not to be gentle.

Originally posted by lovershub

Negan paused to pull off your top, sending a wave of chills over your body from the cold air hitting your skin. However, this was quickly resolved when Negan placed his warm hands on your waist, moving up to unfasten your bra. He paused before unclipping it, raising his eyebrow at you, waiting for your response. You nodded and he took it off, sending another wave of chills through your body.

You moaned lightly at the way he held you as he leant down placing kissed along your collarbone down to your stomach. As he did this he undid your jeans, sliding them off gracefully as ever, and it suddenly became clear how much you wanted him. His hand moved down to your panties and he brushed across your core lightly, causing you to bite your lip once more, uttering his name under your breath. “What’s that doll?” He said, looking up at you, smirking. “P-please, Daddy…”

“That’s my girl.” He smiled, pulling your underwear off graciously. He leant back up over you, one hand over your core, the other moving up to your breasts. As he rubbed you slowly, teasing you, your breath became irregular, making you want him to hurry up. “D-daddyyy.” This was clear to him that you couldn’t wait, and by the evident bulge in his pants, neither could he. He quickly undressed and hovered over you once more, teasing you for the last time before he finally gave you what you craved. He entered you slowly, making you bite your lip for the hundredth time. You moaned softly as he picked up the pace and you reached up to hold his arms but he quickly pinned your arms above your head.

Originally posted by couplenotes

Holding your arms with one hand and his other hand on your neck, he leant down to kiss you, picking up the pace even more. You could hardly think straight, let alone kiss him properly before you moaned louder, both of you feeling your climax begin to reach a high. “Ah, fuck. Fuck, Princess. Hmm, Daddy loves you more and more each day.” He groaned, kissing you softly and you lay, submitted beneath him.

You smiled to yourself, kissing his cheek before he moved away from you. “I love you too Daddy.”

He looked down at you, grinning wildly. You realised he would never leave you. You felt pure happiness, watching him as he got dressed. You realised being with him were your only real happy times, and you’d want nothing other than spending the rest of your life with him. You loved him, and even though you’d always have doubts, Negan never failed to show you how much you mean to him, and that you’ll always be his Princess, not matter what.

Watch Me Babygirl [pt.3]

[pt.1] [previous part] [next part] [pt.5] [pt.6] [pt.7] [pt.8] [pt.9] [pt.10] [pt.11]  [pt.12] [pt.13] [pt.14]

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language

“Thanks for the ride Tae,” you said, giving his arm a squeeze before sliding out of the car.

You walked up your drive and unlocked the door, giving Taehyung a wave before you slipped inside. He always waited until you were in the house to drive away which never failed to make you smile. He was sweet, you had to admit.

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