I’ve been thinking about wizards recently! 
Mages and wizards are pretty much always depicted as just people in robes.  
So these are the first battle mages I drew. Just general troops. I was inspired to mix a sort of tactical military “realism” and wizards (and some extra influences from Rob Liefeld). Using staffs as main weapons and wands (why just have one wand?? They’re really fragile!) as secondary. Potions for various health improvements and as grenade type things and various scrolls stuffed everywhere! More to come!

Oh, and if you’ve ever been interested in commissioning stuff from me - Peow! will be launching a kickstarter for our spring line up of books, and commission stuff from me will be one of the many cool rewards! So keep your eyes open for that!

Here’s something I did for a competition. The challenge was to create a character that fit into Studio Ghibli’s universe. I didn’t want to do characters that were obviously from a movie they’d already made, so instead I made characters from an imaginary movie. 
Basically; two poor siblings (to the right) are on a long journey. Somewhere along the way they’ve met a brave knight who joins them.
In this scene they’ve come across the a wizard. Obviously he’s the best wizard ever because he has all the scrolls and books and cats and hats and wands and staffs possible. He can’t really move around much though…


We at PEOW! Studio recently had a small art show to celebrate the opening of our riso print studio.
This is the first print I did. The maximum size we can print is A3, so the details of this picture became tiny and really hard to see.

Here is the original, with a few detail shots of things in the city.  

Testing ways of working with three colors or less when printing on the Riso. What might look good, what wouldn’t etc.
I’ve been doing so much work with a lot of detailed linework recently, and so I’m also testing if I might skip lines completely.