The older you get the faster time moves

Was it ever cruel-looking
falling off the boat into mental wineglasses
seas of eternity function as memento mori
and you will die and preserved in dry stones
and couriers carrying scaffolds and fleeing the city
and eating at a banquet of exultant carcinogens
but little jokes become disobeying dreams
a terrible final
ring ring ring.

by the hour articulate sympathetic verses
pour out of livid fear masks
vicious vicious precursors of abandoned nude dancin
an opportunity made of timber beams
a sort of spelled wrong scene: “blind eternal city”
terrible anxiety shapes the form of hallucinated medical orderlies
sometimes the calm escapism becomes awake
a serious fulcrum opens eyes colored sangria and stolen herrings
sees you as not much more than secondhand empires,
lemmings bowed before the cliff, and solid B+ yelped out steak

salty smuggled photographs carried in your retrospect
in your mouth a grown license to sell wasted codewords
loose lips sink afterlifes now
get away from your own betrayal
locked in a raid against agency
a jail to think awhile dumbfounded at your own story
on everythin you’re missing
faux shaked hands ignore the facts
more terrible graduates and
admiral’s daughters

traveling swallowed open seas
this song makes a feelin of dizzying
drowning single-minded pig sweat
just this once break half-afraid
all your days reaching for water
transport to a time of white glare
they’re not going to care, reptiles,
unattainable amnionic tattooed unwillingness
Russian pop luminous  mesmeric cliff drops
what about the opposite bank
not on file: strips of fade hose, snaketamers
find crocodiles thirty feet long

thinking of cancerous children made of scattered coins
too many ads too many podcasts leaving the front door of your home
times flow so much more different
than they  used to
if I haven’t seen a video of me screaming like a bleeding pig
then thank you
if I’ve got shifting tides moving in over old stalks of Christmas gift six dollars
dreams of bridges on fire
kept whispers tell me I’ve been lost the last forever
and even the lightning strike repeats reboots
constantly silent tribes of inequalities suffered by law
stare at you, unseen livin centaurs once sent by Zeus,
quiet, but their hearts would deafen you


ウグイスの鳴きマネがどんどん上手くなってる。野草あげるとご機嫌で歌い出すようになった。Impersonation of Japanese nightingale. 일본 꾀꼬리의 상태 모사. 진짜 잘하게 됐다!! 기뻐.

Introducing Chiba prefecture Next to TOKYO.
일본 치바현을 소개합니다.
도쿄옆에 있는 비경.
디즈니랜드, 나리타 공항이 있는 현.

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Oregano Pizza

We can’t get out of Sicily. Last night Cristina did a white pizza like we taste it in that beautiful island: With Oregano (bought in Trapani) instead of Rosemary. Goooooooood

In Dedication to the Orphaned Children of Mosul

watching Vice, their skin looks like mine
watching blood, their smiles look like mine
if they disappeared completely
they look like me and die like fleas
that’s what they want for me
mosul, that’s what they’d have for
if I’m not most responsible then
I’m most reprehensible
sitting climate controlled
with a beer and smirk that served
as a shield all these
if I’m not most responsible then
I’m most reprehensible
an obverse inverse shadow
made safe through luck and
they killed my father
they tortured him alive
leave the white phosphorus
to me, a crown, a halo,
I deserve it
I have
earned it

oh my heart




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🥃SHAKIN’ & STIRRED🥃 St. Germain gets me every time!What’s your ultimate Fri-Yay song? Sharing is caring ✨!
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