Of the Istari, Unfinished Tales

“Emissaries they were from the Lords of the West, the Valar, who still took counsel for the governance of Middle-earth, and when the shadow of Sauron began to stir again took this means of resisting him. For with the consent of Eru they sent members of their own high order, but clad in bodies of Men, real and not feigned, but subject to the fears and pains and weariness of earth, able to hunger and thirst and be slain; though because of their noble spirits they did not die, and aged only by the cares of labours of many long years.”


Hae ephadron
theri thaur
am na dhû
ias fir i ambar
A trehil i ‘alad’ lân uir tri 'wilith

Tauriel is young and impetuous and more inclined to follow her heart than her people. She is headstrong, yet there are few warriors more cunning than she. Tauriel also yearns to understand more of the outside world, for there is also softness and kindness outside the seclusion of Mirkwood - and its light can shine in the least-suspected places.