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Harry/Ginny "Are you flirting with me?"

Harry has felt Ginny’s foot creeping up his leg enough for the past five minutes. It started seemingly innocently as she took off her shoes under the great oak table and tucked one foot underneath her on the chair, and the other one was placed on top of his to stop him tapping it. But now, Harry shifts uncomfortably in his chair as he looks nervously around the library and Ginny’s foot is firmly on his thigh. He shoots her a look.

‘What,’ she mimes silently.

Harry raises his eyebrows at her and looks pointedly down at his lap and back up at her. He squirms more when her foot reaches higher and she just grins at him. Harry grabs her foot and leans across the table.

'You should know better than to mess with a sleep-deprived wizard,’ he whispers, unable to mask the grin seeping across his face as she raises her eyebrows at him.

'Are you flirting with me?’ she asks, positively beaming.

'I think it’s safe to say you started it,’ he replies, squeezing her foot in his hand.

Ginny’s smile turns mischievous - not difficult - and she pulls her foot from his grasp so that she can lean forward with her elbows on the table, mirroring his position.

'I think it’s safe to say I’m done with revision for tonight,’ she whispers.

Stolen Moments

it’s short

Ginny stretched in the warm bed, clutching the pillow under her head, she flicked her eyes open as a soft thud resonated through the room – the door closing. She grasped for her wand under her pillow and spun around, her wand pointing threateningly at the intruder.

‘Woah Gin!’ Harry stood there with his hands raised, eyes wide in alarm.

She slumped back against the bed, dropping her wand onto the bedside table. ‘Sorry,’ she muttered.

‘Uh huh,’ he mumbled, pulling off his robes and climbing into bed next to her.

‘Jeez, you’re freezing,’ she complained. ‘What time is it anyway?’

‘A little after three,’ he muttered, nestling his head into the pillow sleepily.

She smiled and curled against him, tracing a hand over his face gently, he had been working increasingly random hours of late and each time he came home more tired than the time before.

He smiled as her fingers brushed his mouth and his arm came around her waist, pulling her against him tighter. His eyes flicked open for a moment before he kissed her, his hand moving up her spine as her leg hooked over his hip. She fell closer to him in the bed, grateful for these stolen moments together.