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  • what would your ideal au be like?

blankets, cocoa, and old movies (I’m a fan of too many shows that tend to drag characters through the mud forever aahhh)

  • if you were the first human to make contact with sentient alien life, how would that go?


  • animal that best represents you as a person

grumpy old squishface cat for life (fun fact that contradicts my choice: my spirit animal/tribal name is ‘a bird the color of the ocean in winter’ which would be a raven but everyone called me 'bluebird’ because I was little and apparently 'raven’ was too hardcore for a seven year old)

  • food that best represents you as a person

uhhhhhhhh I have no idea. can I phone a friend on this one?

  • top five fictional characters

Castiel, the Doctor, Dick Grayson, Oliver Queen, Solid Snake

  • tell me a story

once upon a time a princess and her robot friend ran away in a spaceship to escape an arranged marriage. she met a charming rogue and his half-dog best friend and they went on adventures in his space winnebago, outwitting a fiendish anthropomorphic slice of pizza and defeating rick moranis in a giant helmet.

  • pirates or ninjas?

pirates for life

  • best thing that’s ever happened to you

after ten years of secretly planning to move to southern California because I didn’t want anyone to try to talk me out of it, my best friend confessed over 4am pancakes that he wants to move there, too. we’re aiming to be there sometime this summer, and we’ve got a few other good friends who are interested in possibly coming with us.

but since we haven’t left yet so I feel like that’s almost cheating: one time when I worked at Hot Topic a regular customer walked in and gave me a pair of pit tickets for Nine Inch Nails, Peaches, and Bauhaus. it was amazing (and surprisingly the most comfortable and mosh-free pit I’ve ever been in)

  • ideal pokemon team and/or fantasy race and class

I know almost nothing about pokemon but charizard is my favorite original starter. as far as non-pokemon fantasy races I am a fan of tolkien dwarves and timelords.

  • do a victory dance for getting through your interrogation


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and my ten questions:

  1. mixed drink that best describes your personality?
  2. top 5 favorite comics (webcomics count if you don’t read traditional printed ones)?
  3. movie you know word for word?
  4. biggest goal for the new year?
  5. biggest accomplishment of last year?
  6. tell me about your pets (if you don’t have one, describe one you wish you had)
  7. scenario: your dream film or tv show is being made and you’re a part of it! tell me the basic plot, who is involved, and what your role in production is.
  8. if you could have any superpower, what would you choose?
  9. did you have any fears as a kid that seem silly to you now?
  10. tell me about the craziest risk you’ve ever taken.