Property talk. Again. Please bear with me haha..

My heaven on earth part 2

So tomorrow 24/09/11 we are going to meet the lawyer & sign the s&p at developer office in PJ. Petaling Jaya laa not Padang Jawa muahaahah ok not funny. Then I will go to KWSP to cash out from my Akaun 2.

We are so excited. We includes my husband and I of course and the rest of my family. For the time being, we already went to the showhouse and discuss on the renovation.

My sister the landscape architect is willing to design & propose to us her concept for our lawn. My other sister the interior designer already has some ideas and we absolutely love it!! Cant wait for their detail drawings hahaha.

My task is… *drumroll* the kitchen!!! My territory. I like…………… :D And I will design the whole kitchen from scratch as we are going to extend the house. I want clay bricks for wall of course!! And other stuffs. I certainly going to be the next Nigella hahahaha berangan. 

My husband will going to take care of other stuffs such as grills, tiles (if needed) and the rest lah. He is an experinced contractor so he knows what to do and I definitely trust him and his judgement/decision on construction. Aish tak sabar ok!!!

Mari google gambo kitchen sekarang!!! Nasib rumah takde astro kalu tak sure asik tengok AFC Channel je nak telek dapor celebrity chefs ahaks. 

My Friday here in Tennessee is set. Wasabi Ginger Kettle Cooked Lays chips (haven’t found in Maryland yet), Blue Bell Magic Cookie Bar ice cream (cannot get in Maryland), and Lego Movie, Muppets Most Wanted, and The Amazing Spider - Man 2 with the kids (who I haven’t seen in a week and a half). All after swimming for a bit in the in-laws’ pool. Makes that 12 - hour drive (straight through with minimal stops) and only 4 hours of sleep last night worth it.

my heaven on earth- part 1

The showhouse. My own will going to be on the left side. Cant waittttt!!!!

What i love about this house:

  • It is a semi detached type. So every unit has their own lawn. *cluster pong takpelah tapi kecik sketlah but it is ok as i always love semi d houses*
  • High ceiling for good ventilation.
  • Kinda modern look facade but not too modern kotak kotak. *ada tingkap sudut muahahaha mak sukerrrr*
  • Affordable price for a 2 storey semi-d cluster. And close to Shah Alam. Our nostalgic Shah Alam ahaks. *kalu semi-d end lot kat shah alam? pengsan!!!*
  • Nice paint colour. I heart grey. So the exterior paint gonna stay the same, takyah repaint colour lain dah.
  • Spacious guest room. I want to make this my craft room!! Woohoo!! I guess one or two sewing machines in there won’t hurt aite? ;p
  • Allocated space for shower in every bathrooms. *so takdelah kepala shower to ngadap toiletbowl or sinki like some showhouses i’ve been to*

What i nyampah tapi suck it up jelah khenn nak wat guane:

  • Flat roof porch *bersambung pulak tu senang jiran nak datang melawat ker hape aiyooooo*
  • Cement sand brick for wall *clay bricks please!!! takpe nanti boley reno reno hehehe..*
  • Continuous living, dining and kitchen area without any separation via brickwall or split level. But i do understand as the house is kinda small so any brickwall will make it even smaller. We have to play with interior design i.e partition wall or whatsoever then. Baiklah hehehe..

By the way, its name is Carmita. Nice name eh? Carmita oh Carmita…. :)

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