I know it’s rough dealing with people who are fake. It straight up sucks. And I know we don’t get to talk nearly enough to get all our feelings out there. But you can favorite this post so you can see it all the time… ;) Message me ANYTIME you need to scream at the world, cause well, I won’t have to hear you actually yell… But I’ll pretend! And if I’m not responding on here, tweet me! Direct tweets come to my phone so I’ll respond almost instantly! 

Now for the sappy part. LIFE SUCKS. Drama sucks. Boys are retards. It’s just the way it is. But you KNOW that things won’t stay like this forever. Things WILL change. Just give it time and hope and everything will get better. Find a Taylor Swift song to ease the pain, cause I can guarantee it exists. 

Thank you for being you… considering you are me just in a different body. 

Dude. Imagine me telling you-know-who…

and hanging out with our our newly discovered male twins…

That would be awesome. I love you twinnie! You’ll get through this! I promise!


We’ve barely been talking for a week now, and I can admit you’re definitely my other half. We’re a lot more alike than I thought. We both have “that one friend” ;) You’ve helped me find a way to redeem my faith, given me relationship advice, and shown me that I’m not alone. Thank you for everything you’ve already done, and for what I know you’ll do in the future. I love you! :)

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BUT while you’re gone… I shall give you TTL :)

SO. You good and well know that I love you. You’ve helped me through more than some of my friends have, and through that you know more about me than they do. I couldn’t thank you enough for everything. 

I really wanna do this one day… 

But until then… I’ll do this… 

^^I love that SO much. Cracks me up everytime. ANYWAY. 

Thank you Kaylee. For everything. I LOVE YOU TWINNIE!!

Oh my gosh. Now I’m just gif'ing. My badddd. I’m done now. Love you Kaylee :)