SO TODAY I’VE REACHED MY SECOND GOAL! :D Thank you so so so much everyone! I don’t know how to show my appreciation for you guys. It’s only been three months since i’ve made my tumblr..

Honoary Mentions/People that I will never ever unfollow:

  1. Thank you for including me in your follow forever! :D
  2. Thank you for introducing me to tumblr!
  3. Thank you for being so nice to me!
  4. Thank you for being the first blog that followed me that I didn’t know in real life.
  5. Thank you for being my first senpai follow back!
  6. Thank you for being the first kfashion blog that I’ve followed!
  7. Thank you for making my dash look asdfghjkl;
  8. Thank you for being the second senpai blog that followed me back!
  9. Thank you being the third senpai blog that followed me back!
  10. Thank you for being so nice to me and giving such nice compliments! i think your blog is amazing too!
  11. You’re not following me but I love your blog so much! ^^