kohthefacedealer  asked:

B, F, N, O (preferably with a pic)


jk ily babu

B - Favorite band

jimmy eat world yeah im cool i know shhhh

F - Favorite movie

SON how am i supposed to answer this? i’m too much of a movie lover to answer this properly but if i had to say one or two they’d be 13 going on 30 and tangled don’t touch me this is hard to not go on and on and on about

N - Favorite place to shop at

i dont shop ever but i guess rue 21. cute undies for like a dollar? im down

O - My eye color

green, you lil shit


[with flash]

[without flash] bonus: no makeup holla holla

[and finally, gif version]

are you satisfied, ya lil dingus

ask me stuff!

kohthefacedealer  asked:

Well that's really too bad for her. That bitch could cry me several fucking rivers. How hard is it to admit that Katrina is irrelevant?

she’s relevant because she’s white. at least that’s the impression i’m getting. i haven’t heard any other reason why people stan her other than tim burton’s sleepy hollow. 

figured this gif i found sums up what i’m thinking right now.