one time the Apollo cabin (with the help of the Hermes cabin and one Hephaestus kid) set up a little speaker on the doors of all the cabins so that a song would play very loudly for whenever the door was opened. It took the rest of the Hephaestus cabin a full three days to dismantle all the speakers.

  • Thunderstruck, by ACDC was played for the Zeus cabin
  • Marry You, By Bruno Mars was played for the Hera cabin
  • Under The Sea, from The Little Mermaid was played for the Poseidon cabin
  • Amarillo Sky, by Jason Aldean was played for the Demeter cabin
  • Ill Make A Man Out Of You, from Mulan was played for the Ares cabin
  • Something I Dont Know, by Selena Gomez was played for the Athena cabin
  • Walking On Sunshine, by Katrina & the waves was played for the Apollo cabin
  • Single Ladies, by Beyonce was played for the Artemis cabin
  • Light Em’ Up, by Fall Out Boy was played for the Hephaestus cabin
  • We Found Love, by Rihanna was played for the Aphrodite cabin
  • Smooth Criminal, by Micheal Jackson was played for the Hermes cabin
  • Shots, by LMFAO was played for the Dionysus cabin
  • Highway To Hell, by ACDC was played for the Hades cabin
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow, was played for the Iris cabin
  • Better Than Revenge, by Taylor Swift was played for the Nemesis cabin
  • Remember The Name, by Fort Minor was played for the Nike cabin
  • Forever Young, sun g by One Direction was played for the Hebe cabin
  • The Lucky One, by Taylor Swift was played for the Tyche cabin
  • Ive Got The Magic In Me, by B.o.B was played for the Hecate cabin

Sorry, I really couldn’t think of one for the Hypnos cabin, but it probably wouldnt make much of difference since theyre always sleeping and almost never leave they’re cabins.

Everyone thinks that Qrow drinks because of all the baggage he carries and not being able to deal with Summer’s death.

While I agree with that to an extent, I don’t believe that Qrow started out that way. My view is that alcohol was always a comfort to him, but he wasn’t the only one who wanted to drown out his woes with booze. Summer also drank. They both found out about one another’s vices and became after-mission bar buddies, turning the action from self-destructive to genuine fun and bonding.

They enjoyed one another’s company and decided to keep it a secret from everyone.

When I think of Graves I think of actual Graves not Grindelwald, and I don’t know if that’s what people are thinking when they ship him with others; that they imagine Grindelwald!Graves or they’re imagining that Grindelwald wasn’t in America. But how Grindelwald acted as Graves has to be like how Graves really is for no one to have noticed that Graves wasn’t himself. It wasn’t until the very end someone noticed that he was acting strange, and that was Newt, not Tina or Picquery or anyone that’s worked with him for years. So I think actual Graves is probably like how Grindelwald portrays him. Apart from how he is with Credence. Because that was just Grindelwald manipulating him so he could have control of him for ‘the greater good’. 


my aphrodite cabin headcannons
  • all of the Aphrodite campers are raging feminists and wont accept any sexist crap
  • there are more then one Aphrodite girls named Stacy
  • the Aphrodite cabin is the most accepting towards gay\transgender rights and equal marriage. But they are also just as accepting towards anyone asexual, pansexual etc and will kick the ass of anyone who says anything unkind about equal rights, etc.
  • the Aphrodite kids share most clothing, most of the time they really dont even know what belongs to who
  • somehow the Aphrodite kids still manage to look attractive even after capture the flag games or a fight, even when theyre all bruised and beat up
  • the Aphrodite cabin is tied with the Athena cabin for tidiest cabin
  • the Aphrodite cabin is stocked with every love movie made in the last ten years
  • the Aphrodite cabin hates the Twilight series
  • the Aphrodite campers often use phrases such as “Oh my gods I ship them so much”, “My shipper heart” and “The feels”. Only the Hermes kids know what theyre talking about(because theyre dad invented the internet).
  • the Aphrodite cabin always throws a party for their siblings whenever too campers who are meant to be together get together
  • unlike most of the other cabins, there is no ‘average’ look for the Aphrodite cabin, they all look completely different from each other but are all equally attractive
  • the Aphrodite girls often cut their camp half-blood t-shirts so that they’re muscle tees, crop tops, etc
  • whenever an Aphrodite kid receives a scratch or bruise, if someone kisses them the healing moves faster

 okay i need headcannons for calen right now (left in both gifs)

  • she’s Tauriel’s second-in-command
  • total badass
  • she’s friends with and very protective of Lymerien
  • i’m not sure if she has a massive crush on Tauriel, or just a bit of one
  • deffiatley likes girls (i mean have you seen the other female elves - especially Ruel)
  • i feel like her and Ruel kind of band together and gang up on anyone who tries to annoy Lym, or sometimes others who try to flirt with her
  • besties with Faervel and Orelion (mainly because they all look so adorable together in that gif)
  • great at fighting, but also likes music and dancing

(see captions for gif credits)