hello!! its ya girl back at it wih a bujo post ayyy

using my bullet journal has helped me pull myself together this month (bc tbh I need all the help I can get there l m a o) so yeah I’m gonna talk u through each spread and what I liked, inspo etc etc enough rambling lets go go go

july monthly spread!

this is definitely my fave monthly of all the ones in my bujo right now so lets see if that all goes to pot in august wish me luck
inspo: @journalsanctuary this wonderful post!!
also that wrapping paper is cool af and I used it loads this month thx sophie

july 4 - july 10

yeah so that week I went camping and the spread was v low maintenance which was good plus it looks hella!!! always a plus
inspo: @studyblrholla here :))))
this was such a good spread honestly I think I want to use this as a default when I get back to school in september I love it

july 11 - july 17

okay so for real think this is my least fave of all my spreads this month idk what those flowers are doing aaa?
inspo: none do u see why I need to use other ppl’s spreads
I didn’t like this one much bc it wasn’t very rigid if u get me? planning it was a disaster
also I tried a journaly writing down ur thoughts thing and honestly I didn’t really like it like it didn’t benefit me in any way moving swiftly on

summer study list!!!

I like this one omg it’s functional and it’s somewhat motivating me to get my lazy ass into gear
inspo: none wow emily u can do nice things by urself
yeah not much to say here but I do like the lettering in the titles yay

july 18 - july 24 + favourite songs

I really like this spread bc the bujo part only uses 1 page yano filling a 2 page spread is hard when its summer and u have nothing on, also dear evan hansen quote!!! musicals are consuming me too bad I’m dirt poor and live i live nowhere near any cool productions rip
song page: @somestudy this is art
yeah overall i love this spread idk what to add here

july 25 - july 31 + director info

i had llike nothing on this week which is why the spread looks kinda empty but as u can tell I liked last week’s spred so much I did it again ayyy
inspo: I’M SORRY OK
the director thing is just a brain dump and really it’s nothing too heavy but I wanted to get some thoughts down about pj’s directory stuff bc I really like his work and it’s gonna hep for next year’s coursework so yeah

so yeah my cool dudes, that’s my bullet journal this month yaya!! I think it was pretty efficient but we’ll see how that goes when september arrives and I shift into m a x i m u m o v e r d r i v e

love yall and have a nice, productive and happy august :)


(taken from my studygram!!)
hello!! I’m queueing up some posts for the weekend and I’ve been working on finishing up last year’s ict notes for the new term :)