so veryhairylegs asked me to tell the story behind my hairy legs;

i’ve been both genders my whole life,even as a kid i wore jeans with dresses and skurts with hiking boots.

but as i got older i became more confortable being a boy.i cut my hair on my head to a mohalk,and grew my hair out on my legs,arms,under arms,and even my face,having a hormon imbalence it was easy for me to have lots of hair and even a beard.

it felt and feels great not to have to shave (except for my head which i keep in a mohalk) 

i often get strange looks from stranger,and asked if im a boy or girl from people i dont even know,and swimming in public isn’t easy when everyone at the pool wants to know what’s between your legs,but i’ve learned that no matter what people say,im happy with my body and want to still improve things and do things that are comfortable for me.

my hairy legs are a symbol of that.i’m proud of them and stand with the idea that no one,regardless of gender or sex,should be forced to shave.(but it’s cool with me if you want to shave yo)