“Be Humble. Be Hungry. And Always Be The Hardest Worker In The Room.” - @therock Had an install today. Brought back product to do final assembly/clean up and #forge some more parts. Staying late tonight and starting early tomorrow to be back on site 👊🏼#blacksmith #dirtysmith #forginglikeitsgoingoutofstyle #mygym


Would like to thank Dad for coming in here and wrecking the place today and then not tidying up after himself.

Just spent an hour cleaning and ranting about how people clearly just could not give a shit about any of my fabulous shit.

At least now I am more excited to get my ass in here and lift tomorrow.

Compound Exercise #2!  Working OBLIQUES & QUADS, STANDING ABS workout. 

THE DOWNWARD MOVE:  Beginning from a BACKWARD LUNGE position, weight (I am holding 5-lbs here) in front, chest-level,

THE UPWARD MOVE:  PUSH UP on forward HEEL (QUADS engaged here), bring BACK KNEE up to meet opposite ELBOW…this TWISTED move engages OBLIQUES…HOLD 2-sec. 

Do set of 8. 

Repeat on other LEG, beginning from THE DOWNWARD MOVE.

Perform this exercise. SLOWLY, working on technique & balance. 

Feel the BURN…

…RESULTS are on their way.



Today was again the busy Tuesday, we went to 2 library for the baby sign language story time. Then we head to the MyGym play time.We met one of our friend Wesley at the story time and they both find the toy box great for holding to stand.
Play time is also fun as usual, Lavinia kept heading toward the stairs even if I put her down a little further and tell her to play something else. She still came back for it. I guess she just couldnt resist being taller than mommy + standing at the fence + mirror combination.



Monday MyGym class, Lavinia gets to ride a small car, though she just woke up and doesnt seem to feel much for it. I guess driving takes time for her to enjoy it just like the swing. She did however get to try some flipping, some swing on bar. After trying new things, she still goes to the stairs, it’s her favorite go-to place in the gym, whether it leads to ball pit or not. @@“

Additionally, Hans got his new kitchen toy searzall for his steak craving and Lavinia’s got new founf favorite thing to do during bath, spalsh the water!! (thankg god she now bath in the tub…)