Butters clutched the tiny doll in one hand and knocked on the door with the other. He’d been really surprised to find it lying on the streets, recognizing it to be Karen’s immediately, so he’d rushed home to clean it off, then hurried over to the McCormicks to give it back. He figured that Karen either must have dropped it, or some bully had taken it from her, but he knew she’d want the little princess back. When Karen answered the door, he grinned and practically shoved the doll in her face. “I found h-her lyin’ on the sidewalk, figured you’d want her back! She was kinda dirty, so I took her home an’ w-washed her off… Hope you don’t mind…”

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(Tweek and Kenny child -cough-)

((All my yes. All of it.))

  • Name: Alex
  • Gender: Male (Sex: female)
  • General Appearance: Freckles on his face and shoulders, lanky build, medium in height, dirty blonde hair, and blueish-green eyes
  • Personality: Alex is the type to joke around and never back down from a dare. Has crude and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor, as well as trouble keeping still.
  • Special Talents: Alex is pretty good at boxing.
  • Who they like better: He loves both of his parents equally, but usually talks to Kenny first about going to friends houses (and things of the sort), because Tweek get’s paranoid and constantly worries about Alex. Though Alex thinks Tweek’s a better listener. 
  • Who they take after more: Kenny, definitely. 
  • Personal Headcanon: Alex learned about sex at a young age. At age 6 Alex got into one of Kenny’s magazines (and we all know the ones I’m talking about). After skimming through it, he walked up to Tweek and Kenny and asked “Dad’s, what’s a ‘blow job’?” Tweek just about had a heart attack and Kenny almost died laughing. Alex also heals a bit faster than normal (only way Kenny’s immortality affected him). 

           This was it. A whole new life for Carrie. Another chapter. Finally she was done hopping on the subway, trying to find a cheap motel to stay for the night. She had finally settled into a small town, quiet and peaceful. It was about time. At the age of nineteen, she didn’t think that settling down on her own would be this difficult. Which is exactly why she treated herself out to a nice day. This town was her knew home, why not go explore it? Perhaps she could meet some new people. She just hoped they would have more humbleness than her past shadows.

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Yo Karen!
Yo ass is tha dopest lil sista mah playas could eva ask for, n’ you so dope n’ caring. Wish our crazy asses had a funky-ass mo’ betta home yo, but whatever n’ shit. Remember I be always here fo’ you n’ would never serve yo’ ass wit a muthafuckin A-K.
Stay strong. Yo crazy-ass guardian angel is proud as a muthafucka of yo thugged-out ass.