It is 1:34 am.
I am drunk.
And even then
Knowing what I knew then
Knowing what I know now
I choose to remember all the good times
And forgive all the bad ones.
I hope that you all can do the same.
Good night, and I hope you all have a very blessed and prosperous 2014.

SEPTEMBER 19. 2013.

Disrespecting your parents. 
what does this even mean, or what is it asking?! lol well
don’t freaking do it.
your mama carried you around for 9 months.
your parents worked hard for you.
your parents love you.
idgaf if you’re adopted, don’t try to pull the “my mom didn’t carry me for 9 months”
your parents worked hard for you.
they’ve fed you
clothed you
for whatever+ years you’ve been on this earth. 
idk man just don’t do it
you have no idea how much it hurts them
we’ll understand when we have little farts of our own