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Flight Lessons

                                               SUGAR PT.2

Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: !?!?!?! YOUR RESPONSES TO PT1 ?!?!?

Words: 1341

Prompt: Struggling with the pressures of running a bakery in New York City, [Y/N] [Y/L/N] is your average, flour-covered baker. Bucky Barnes is your no nonsense, sugar-hating guy. What happens when the two get closer than Fate intends for them to?

Warnings: ppl almost getting run over, swearing

A huge shoutout to @redgillan for being an actual angel and beta-ing this for me.

Catch up: Part 1


It’s been raining for days, endless puddles seeming to decorate the street. It’s almost something straight out of those weird old romcoms where the girl is sitting by a window, wallowing in self-pity about how her prince never arrived to save her sorry ass but then, out of the blue, she sees him, a smile lighting up her lips and the clouds clear and the sun shines and there are rainbows and unicorns everywhere.

Except, your prince never arrives and you’re left with cloudy, unicorn-less terrain and the image of piercing blue eyes tugging at your heartstrings.

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Cassandra Cain is mixed race.

Damian Wayne is mixed race.

Jason Todd is likely possibly mixed race.

Kyle Rayner is mixed race.

Cheshire is mixed race.

Lian Harper is mixed race.

Miles Morales is mixed race.

Ororo Munroe is mixed race.

Teddy Altman is mixed race to the extreme.

Nick Fury Jr is mixed race.

Daken is mixed race.

Danielle Cage is mixed race.

Ellie Wilson is mixed race.

Maka Albarn is mixed race.

Dismissing, discounting, ignoring or attempting to erase half of their heritage because it does not appeal to you or serve your agenda is wrong, regardless of which half you’re discounting.

Multiracial race people deserve representation just as much as people who are of a singular ethnicity. Mixed race kids deserve to have heroes they can see themselves in just as much as kids who are of a singular race.

Some of these characters define themselves by their heritage, others don’t seem to ever think about it. Some identify more with one ethnicity while others make it a point to correct people who try to identify them as one singular race. This is good because there are real multiracial people like each of them.

Mixed race get put straight on the bottom of any organ donation list we’re put on and we constantly have to deal with people wither asking ‘what are you?’ or arguing that we aren’t [ethnicity here] enough or “don’t look [ethnicity here]”. We can be ridiculed or rejected by both races we feel we belong to because we are also part of the other. Let us have the dozen or so superheroes & villains that we can relate to. You can enjoy them as well. They’re still awesome. They’re still a POC. They just have this extra aspect that means something to us.

Thank you.

Horror Movie Night

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A/N: Hi guys! This is my first ever fanfiction drabble, and since I was bored and had time, I decided to write about my favorite Marvel boyfriend, the lovely James Buchanan Barnes :) Please bear with me as it is my first post of this nature. I hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2104

Content: Light humor, major fluff :) 

Summary: On your weekly date night, Bucky decides to watch the DVD Peter Parker loaned him! It being a horror movie, you definitely have your apprehensions but fret not, for Bucky’s there to comfort you.

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the stars which pass through his soul

[peter quill x reader]

author’s note: had an idea of what direction i wanted this to go and it did not go that way lol. hope you like it(: 

word count: 954

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