A CITY IN MOTION by @startyourbenjens [for slakrubigbang]

Modern AU featuring Doctor Abigail Griffin who meets Detective Marcus Kane as he is wheeled into emergency surgery after taking a bullet to the gut to save Governor Jaha. Meeting the people who are waiting for him to recover, his stern but concerned partner Detective Indra Woods, and his estranged mother, Abby is just starting to feel sympathy for the wounded detective when he wakes up and opens his mouth and she realizes that she might prefer him when he’s unconscious.


SHARED TERRITORY: a mix for emma swan and regina mills ( listen + listen )

 i. and then you - greg laswell ii. btsk - ms mr iii.  come back when you can - barcelona iv. dance me to the end of love - the civil wars v. explosions - ellie goulding vi. fire escape - matthew mayfield vii. good to you - marianas trench viii. heavy in your arms - florence + the machine ix. into the fire (acoustic) - thirteen senses x. jar of hearts - christina perri xi. kaleidoscope heart - sara bareilles xii. love song requiem - the age of information xiii. magic - coldplay xiv. never stop (wedding version) - safety suit xv. only love - ben howard xvi. pieces - andrew belle xvii. queen of k(nots) - matt nathanson xviii. rubik’s cube - athlete xix. silhouettes - of monsters and men xx. tornado - jonsi xxi. undisclosed desires - muse xxii. video games - lana del rey xxiii. wrecking ball - jasmine thompson xxiv. young blood - birdy