MYTHOLOGY MEME - [½] Mythological Objects - Golden Apples

Golden apples are the shit dude, they show up in everything and it’s fabulous. In Greek mythology, the Hesperides are charged with the guarding the tree (or grove) of golden apples, along with the dragon Ladon and everyone knows about Eris and the fucking apple of discord. (Seriously, what a little shit.) Atalanta, a maiden who swears to marry only the man who can beat her in a race, is distracted when her competitor throws charmed golden apples from Aphrodite off the track. In Norse mythology, Idunn’s golden apples are what grant the Aesir eternal youth. The name for the orange can be traced back to “golden apple” in several languages, and the quince is also referred to as a “golden apple”. So are tomatoes in Italian, apparently. Golden apples show up in poetry (“The Song of the Wandering Aengus”, anybody?) and other assorted literature. Whatever, you get the point. Wikipedia is your friend. Look that shit up, it’s really fucking cool.

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